Siemens Acuson Ultrasound Machines – Entry to Flagship Units


Siemens ACUSON offers unmatched image quality and cutting-edge versatility enhancing confidence in your diagnoses for improved patient outcomes. siemens acuson ultrasound machine

Advanced applications and technologies take users beyond basic cardiovascular ultrasound functionality to deliver fast, precise and actionable understanding of a patient’s condition.

Siemens allows you to keep pace with breakthroughs in cardiac ultrasound through cutting-edge technologies by addressing conventional ultrasound limitations with a complete suite of advanced applications designed to improve disease assessment.

Selecting Your Siemens ACUSON Cardiac Ultrasound System

National Ultrasound’s focus is on being the best and most knowledgeable in a single industry.  Our team’s 250+ years of collective experience as technicians allows us to help guide you through the process of selecting a cardiac ultrasound machine best suited to your practice’s needs and budget.

Because there are so many choices on the market we decided to develop this blog series to highlight our recommendations for cardiac ultrasound machines from four major brand manufacturers. We have divided these select ultrasound machines into four categories: entry-level, mid-level, flagship and portable based on options, features, performance, and price.

The four brands covered in this series are:

  1. GE Vivid cardiac ultrasound (posted 4/7/20)
  2. Philips (posted 4/21/20)
  3. Mindray (posted 4/29/20)
  4. Siemens ACUSON (current article)

Below are our recommendations for Siemens ACUSON cardiac ultrasounds.

Entry Level: Siemens  – ACUSON Juniper Ultrasound Machine

Siemens-Acuson-Juniper-Ultrasound-MachineThe ACUSON Juniper Ultrasound System is a high-performance, shared service ultrasound system capable of performing a variety of clinical applications at a low upfront investment while offering great diagnostic confidence across all departments. It offers powerful capabilities built into one of the industry’s smallest ultrasound systems. Able to fit into tight spaces, the ACUSON Juniper weighs an average of 27% less and is up to 36% smaller than other conventional systems in its class.

This unit has a 21.5 inch LED monitor with a 13.3 inch touch display. The control panel is height and angle adjustable with customizable keys. There are five active probe ports, 1 pencil cardiac port and 2 phsyio ports.  Learn more about the Acuson Juniper.

Mid Level: Siemens – ACUSON Redwood Ultrasound MachineSiemens-Acuson-Redwood-Ultrasound-Machine

ACUSON Redwood is an affordable, portable, high-performance ultrasound system that produces premium imaging with every scan – from bedside to exam room to Radiology.

The ACUSON Redwood delivers exceptional imaging, greater efficiency, accessibility, and efficient workflows. Get the improved efficiency and utilization you need in the fight against shrinking budgets and rising healthcare costs.

The Redwood’s console design includes a 21.5 inch LCD monitor with a touch panel. Learn more about the Acuson Redwood.

Siemens Acuson SC2000 Ultrasound MachineFlagship: Siemens – ACUSON SC2000 Prime Ultrasound Machine

Applications utilized in precise cardiac echo are continually expanding. The Acuson SC2000 Prime is a complete ultrasound solution that performs. The ACUSON SC2000 PRIME is a cardiovascular ultrasound solution that performs 2D and 3D transthoracic (TTE), transesophageal (TEE) and intracardiac echocardiography (ICE) to handle all your cardiovascular imaging needs providing the precision and speed clinicians require today.

A comprehensive suite of 2D and 3D one-click knowledge-based clinical applications help you acquire accurate and reproducible images. 2D and real-time True Volume imaging provide clinically relevant physiologic and anatomic information without missing a beat. Learn more about the ACUSON CS2000 PRIME.


Portable: Siemens – ACUSON P500 Ultrasound MachineSiemens Acuson P500 Ultrasound Machine

The ACUSON P500 offers a wide range of innovative applications that make diagnostic and therapeutic exams less complicated and more standardized. Exclusive automated solutions available only with ACUSON P500 improve scan time, expedite workflow and increase operational efficiency.

The Acuson P500 enables reliable and fast imaging by offering new and pioneering high-end imaging technology. It provides standardized, high-quality images with more depth, clearer border definition, and more tissue variation. Three active transducer ports that support high density phased array, curved array and linear array transducers. Learn more about the Acuson P500.

Siemens ACUSON Ultrasound Machine Options and Transducers

We have collected the available options and transducers for each of the units highlighted above so they can be viewed side-by-side for easy comparison.

siemens acuson ultrasound system options

Below you will find the various transducers for each of the units highlighted in this article.

siemens acuson ultrasound system transducers

Why Buy from National Ultrasound?

Since our founding in 2003, we at National Ultrasound have focused on a single product category: new and used ultrasound systems, parts and probes. We are a company of technicians with more than 250 years of collective experience working with equipment from the six largest ultrasound manufacturers.

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