The Ultrasound Update

The Ultrasound Update 12/11/2020

This week’s ultrasound and medical news highlights, curated by National Ultrasound, Inc.

Ultrasound News Highlights:

From the National Ultrasound Blog:

  • Comparing the New Mindray Z60 to the Mindray Z6
    • The Mindray Z60 is the new upgraded model of the Mindray Z6. The Mindray Z60 ultrasound system is the perfect solution for the practice looking to perform consistent ob/gyn, basic cardiac, vascular and general imaging exams.
  • Webinar: ModìLite laser thermal ablation treatment of benign thyroid nodules
    • During this webinar, ModìLite micro-invasive procedure for the percutaneous laser thermal ablation treatment of BTNs will be presented, with particular attention to the indications, the results reported in the literature and possible future applications.
  • Buying a Handheld Ultrasound Machine
    • With multiple handheld ultrasound units on the market that offer a variety of features, functionality, and price it can be difficult to narrow it down to just one unit. Whether you’re looking at new or used or refurbished handheld ultrasound there is a variety on the market and working with an expert to help match you with the right unit at the right price.