The Ultrasound Update 8/21/2020

This week’s ultrasound news highlights, curated by National Ultrasound, Inc.

Weekly Ultrasound News Highlights:

From the National Ultrasound Blog:

  • Urology Point of Care Ultrasound Machines – Entry to Flagship Level Units
    • National Ultrasound’s expert team, made up of experienced sonographers, has highlighted four units from entry, mid, high and flagship levels.
  • Mindray M8 Elite Ultrasound Machine Review
    • Mindray M8 Elite mQuadro technology has advanced digital signal processing providing better image uniformity and clarity, better signal-to-noise ratio, deeper penetration, increased exam efficiency, more efficient auto image optimization and patient throughput.
  • GE Logiq e Ultrasound Machine Review
    • When it comes to point of care ultrasound the LOGIQ e is a perfect unit weighing only 10 lbs. it can easily be transported to a patient’s bedside, room to room, or taken into the field when necessary.