Top 3 GE VScan Models In 2023

When you want point-of-care healthcare, you want to go with GE. What are the top three GE VScan Models in 2023? We list them along with our recommendations on why each product will benefit your business.

What Is The GE VScan Product Line?

The GE VScan product line focuses on point-of-care clinical applications. Each system is highly portable, with some devices fitting right into the palm of your hand. As a result, one can use them indoors and outdoors and within enclosed spaces. GE provides different subscription options.

In addition to general ultrasound imaging applications, GE VScan can provide other specific cardiovascular, internal, urology, or endocrinology services. You receive versatility from this handheld ultrasound.

GE Healthcare VScan Ultrasound Systems

Which GE VScan ultrasound devices should you consider for your medical facility? Below are our top three recommendations. We also provide links to these machines if we retail them at National Ultrasound so you can review them and request a quote.

GE VScan Air

The VScan Air is one of the newest products from the GE VScan line, with battery power and wireless operation. It provides general diagnostic imaging with visualization of anatomical structures and fluids. The dual-headed probe allows you to integrate both linear and curved probes. All VScan AIr apps are accessible for streaming and data storage on both Apple and Google devices, including iOS and Android-based smartphones.

VScan Air users can connect to the company’s website to learn about other product options and expansions. They can also join the VScan Air MYDeviceHub to connect multiple machines simultaneously. In addition, one can use the VScan for critical point-of-care applications, such as during road or air ambulance trips, the ICU, or bedside treatment.

GE Vscan Extend Sector Probe Ultrasound Machine

The GE VScan Extend Sector Probe is an upgrade on the original VScan Sector Probe. This single-headed probe can perform primary or focused assessments on patients within general diagnostic imaging. It can also conduct essential periodic monitoring and triage assessments.

GE VScan Extend Dual Probe Ultrasound Machine

The Extend Dual Probe is the upgraded version of the original VScan Dual Probe. Physicians often use it for general diagnostic imaging to review fluid and anatomical structures within the body. Wireless transmissions provide privileged access to patient data, while the cloud ecosystem ensures that the medical staff will find their optimal workflow.

We like this probe because it has a user-friendly interface with intuitive controls. Apps include examining bladders and lung protocol to monitor volume or protocol changes. You can also download apps to expand your applications.

What Are The Top GE VScan Models In 2023?

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To learn more about the new offerings from GE and the VScan line, please get in touch with us today. National Ultrasound will pair you with the ideal machines from any brand. Let us help you find your perfect sector probe for different patient applications.