Top Philips Ultrasound Machine Models

High-quality ultrasound equipment can make a huge difference in patient diagnosis. Doctors looking at a brand like Philips want to get the most out of each machine. We list the top five Philips Ultrasound machine models currently available in 2022.

Philips Ultrasound machines aim for compactness and diagnostic confidence. Increasing portability can make a difference.

Top Philips Ultrasound Machine Models

When looking at an ultrasound machine, evaluate which features will benefit your patients. Philips has new machine systems available for doctors to quote, and established ones. We lift the benefits of each ultrasound system.

Philips Lumify Ultrasound Machine

The Philips Lumify ultrasound machine has compatibility with smartphones and other handheld devices. We like this device’s convenience, especially when one connects the probe to a smartphone using the Lumify app. You can assess patients fast without needing bulky machinery.

In addition, you can stream these examinations and store information within confidential servers or share via email, shared network, or DICOM. The data encryption maintains patient-doctor confidentiality.

Philips Sparq Ultrasound Machine

The Philips Sparq ultrasound machine aims for simple scanning and interpretation of images. Use AutoScan to identify tissue type and Remote Reporting to convey and compile your reports with the Telexy Qpath data management system. You also have five-layer security to protect patient data from cyber-attacks and hacking.

We also like the features that allow for extended energy and cleanliness standards. The glass panel is easy to wipe, while the battery extension keeps this machine running for a long time.