It’s Online Ultrasound Demo Day! | National Medical

National Ultrasound Shows Veterinary Ultrasound at the ACVIM Forum 2014 in Nashville, TN

It’s online ultrasound demo day in the office today. Today we are showing Mindray, Siemens, and GE ultrasound demos. We are able to demo just about any ultrasound machine, as long as it is in stock at the time of the ultrasound demo. Our online demos are free and easy to log into so you can view the ultrasound demonstration right from your office computer or mobile device. Online ultrasound demos are perfect if you’re not sure which machine to purchase; we will show you the comparisons and explain the differences in machines. Or maybe you are set on an ultrasound machine but just want that extra confidence that it’s the best value. Our sonographer will show you different images and applications so you know the ultrasound machine will perform the way you expect with high quality images. If you decide to purchase a machine from us, we now offer online training and have always had on-site training. Contact us today to sign up for our next online ultrasound demo day!