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Webinar: ModìLite laser thermal ablation treatment of benign thyroid nodules

Learn More About the Elesta EchoLaser Modìlite – February 6, 2021 9:30 A.M., E.T.

Nodular thyroid disease represents a frequent pathology which requires the involvement of multiple professionals for its proper care. The correct management of the patient with a Benign Thyroid Nodule (BTN) therefore requires a multidisciplinary approach, which starts from a correct diagnosis, often based on ultrasound, followed by a treatment which must be effective, as minimally invasive as possible, and proposed taking into consideration the different and multiple needs of patients. In this scenario, ultrasound-guided thermal ablation treatments are playing an increasingly important role in the multidisciplinary management of patients with benign nodular thyroid disease, and are increasingly offered as a first therapeutic option. During this webinar, ModìLite micro-invasive procedure for the percutaneous laser thermal ablation treatment of BTNs will be presented, with particular attention to the indications, the results reported in the literature and possible future applications. The Scientific Board on the webinar includes: Stefano Spiezia, Ospedale Del Mare; Ralph P Tufano, Johns Hopkins Hospital; Enrico Papini, Ospedale Regine Apostolorum; Augustin A. Andrade, Mount Sinai Medical Center; Catherine Sinclair, Mount Sinai Hospital; Timothy Huber, Oregon Health & Science University.


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elesta echolaser modilite webinar brochure

This educational even was organized by MP Cogressi with the unrestricted sponsorship of Elesta and its USA distribution partner National Ultrasound.