3 Bestselling Ultrasound Transducer Models

Innovation and forays into different technologies have added new services when looking for transducer models. Some have even gone beyond standard 2D and 3D imaging, adding artificial intelligence to enhance visualization. Take a look at the three bestselling ultrasound transducer models.

Remember that transducers are not limited to one application or type of imaging. You can find harmonic imaging on your clinic’s terms and receive high value for the probes you buy.

A Wide Range Of Transducers

Generally, ultrasound applications determine the transducer used. Organs and tissue contribute to complex homeostasis, and a doctor, when ordering an ultrasound, will determine the area that requires further examination.

The type of patient also serves as a factor. Humans and animals, for example, have different systems in their bodies and organ sizes. For example, a transducer that one will use for an equine abdominal ultrasound would not work for a similar service on a domestic housecat.

Point-of-care and convenience are the final factors. A point-of-care transducer needs to work in any environment and demonstrate portability. If your patients are outdoors or in unusual locations, your medical equipment needs to be hardy and accurate.

3 Most Common Ultrasound Transducers For General Imaging

What are the most common ultrasound transducers and their applications? We list several that you may want in your medical clinic relative to the applications you conduct for patients. The models that we recommend are available on our website. Reach out to us for a quote.

Linear Array Transducers

With a linear piezoelectric crystal arrangement, the linear array creates a rectangular beam for its scan. You will often see these transducers used for Abdominal, Obstetrics, and general imaging.

The GE 12L-SC Linear Ultrasound Transducer is one such example. It has a frequency range of 5-13 MHz in abdominal applications.

Convex or Curved Array Transducer

Needle guidance and biopsies need precise equipment to minimize patient discomfort and improve accuracy. Convex and curved array transducers provide this precision. Doctors also use them for musculoskeletal, vascular, and superficial imaging.

One suitable convex probe is the Interson SiMPLi GP-C01 USB Ultrasound Probe. It can connect to any computer or tablet for your convenience.

Phased or Sector Array Transducers

Phased array transducers are the least invasive of the options mentioned. They are best for cardiac imaging of the heart and stress echo, ECG, and continuous wave Doppler imaging. The transducers sent out a beam of tiny elements that can sweep over an area.

Phillips Lumify has several phased array transducers that we can recommend. Definitely use the portable ultrasound systems from the brand.

Upgrade Your Transducers With Advanced Features From National Ultrasound

National Ultrasound stays updated with how image quality has changed with medical upgrades. We retail new and refurbished ultrasound systems for your benefit, along with necessary accessories such as transducers and ultrasound gel.

Please contact us today to find out if you should use crystal imaging for your portable ultrasound machine. National Ultrasound will answer all of your questions regarding whether or not to use micro convex or phased array transducers for your medical institute.