Top 3 Urology Ultrasound Machine Models

The best urology ultrasound machines provide minimal discomfort to the patients, designed for small parts of the human body. They improve point-of-care and convenience for the doctors as well.

Urinary tract health studies date back to the 1500s; nevertheless, changing body chemistries mean various diagnoses for male and female patients. Urology ultrasounds also examine the kidneys for infections and congenital disabilities in pediatric patients. They can also provide a more precise image of chronic conditions and reduce ongoing kidney pain.

Best Urology Ultrasound Machines

We have chosen several factors for what makes a urology ultrasound machine one of the top three:

  • Intuitive controls and user-friendliness
  • The values of services provided
  • The accuracy of their innovations

While you can purchase refurbished machines if, on a budget, manufacturers have upgraded models that improve on the originals, you can always request a quote on any of these machines.

Some of the options below are only sold at National Ultrasound. We are an exclusive dealer for these models. Don’t be afraid to inquire about their services and the benefits of investing in them.

GE LOGIQ E10 Ultrasound Machine

The GE LOGIQ E10 Ultrasound Machine is one of the newest machines from General Electric’s medical health line. Intuitive controls and unique company architecture combine with high-quality imaging. You get an ergonomic keyboard and a highly sensitive touchscreen.

Take advantage of the spatial resolution and high frame rates. In addition, the E10 is highly portable and easy to clean. That makes it convenient, especially for urology and kidney ultrasounds.

BK Flex Focus 800 Ultrasound Machine

The BK Flex Focus 800 Ultrasound Machine is designed for three applications: urology, surgery, and vascular. It has high image quality and sensitivity, while the ultrasound transducers are easy to disinfect between procedures, and the keyboard is sealed. Use auto mode adjustment to increase resolution where necessary.

A small footprint system and portability allow you to maneuver this model around clinics, regardless of room size or foot traffic. The four-hour battery life will lend well to keeping your procedures running.

Mindray M6

You can only find the Mindray M6 Ultrasound Machine at National Ultrasound. Many doctors and technicians like its reliability for diagnoses and portability. The compact design fits easily into mobile carts, so you can wheel it to any room.

The M6 comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring you get the highest value possible out of your investment. iTouch functionality, the iStation, and SMart Doppler improve your image optimization and connectivity. Other features like HR Flow enhance visualization for tiny vessels, so that you can identify small blockages or infections.

Refine Your Imaging System With National Ultrasound

National Ultrasound understands how important image quality is for delicate procedures. We maintain new and refurbished ultrasound machines, ensuring that clinics with different budgets can provide real-time healthcare to patients.

National Ultrasound will answer your questions about which portable ultrasound systems are best for your medical facilities. Are you ready to learn more about what imaging technologies you can integrate? Then please reach out to us today.

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