9 Benefits of Fun Sculpting

9 Benefits of Fun SculptingThere are many reasons people chose to have liposuction done. It may be to minimize the amount of excess weight in the abdomen arms, buttocks, legs, or neck or to reduce the size of one’s breasts. But regardless of the “why” and the “where”, there is no doubt that liposuction has been in use for many years and has helped many people feel more confident about themselves and their body. And, while it may not remove stretch marks or other skin irregularities it does cause the skin to mold to new contours -providing the recipient continues living a healthy lifestyle and their weight remains stable.

Like many other areas of medicine, there has been much improvement in the field of liposuction. One such advancement is the introduction of High Precision/Fun Sculpting  (aka Vibration Assisted Liposuction). This method of liposuction has a number of advantages over other lipo procedures making it safer for more people. If you are unsure if Fun Sculpting is the right approach to introduce in your office, then consider these many advantages:

  • Fun Sculpting, as its name suggests, is more precise and will only remove the body fat in the targeted areas. It will not damage to nearby blood vessels, connective tissues, or nerves.
  • The process is simple and accomplished quickly. In fact, fat cells are removed at a rate of 2.6 liters per hour.
  • There is less risk of muscle or skin laxity; rather, the end result is one of a sculpted, toned, athletic appearance that has a more natural look than one achieved through other surgery-based methods of body sculpting.
  • Consequently, Fun Sculpting is perfect for achieving those abs, pecs, or waistline that seems to be just out of reach, even with healthy living and exercise.
  • Because the process is accomplished using vibration and electricity rather than heat, along with a saline solution that saturates the fat, no general anesthesia is needed, and there is no need for incisions or stitches.
  • With Fun Sculpting there is less recovery time needed.
  • There is less pain involved.
  • There is no upper limit BMI.
  • Fun Sculpting can be used on more areas of the body, so sculpting the desired look is more achievable.

Of course, as with any medical procedure, there are risks involved, but with Fun Sculpting, that list is a short one. Risks involved are:

  • It should not be used on women who are pregnant and nursing.
  • It is not for individuals who have existing health problems or are taking blood thinners.

Fun Sculpting is the perfect in-office procedure to offer as it is focused on helping your clients to safely and quickly improve their body image. If you have questions regarding Fun Sculpting, then give one our professionals a call today. We will be happy to answer your questions.