GE Voluson E8 Ultrasound Machine

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At National Ultrasound, we proudly represent GE, a recognized leader in healthcare. The GE Voluson E8 ultrasound machine delivers the high level of imaging performance your high-volume practice needs. It provides greater detail with less effort so you can keep pace with your busy practice and handle routine to complex women’s health exams with ease and precision. While the GE Voluson E8 delivers 2D/3D images with ease, it also delivers excellent color Doppler sensitivity and sophisticated 3D/4D technologies.

To see if the GE Voluson E8 is just what your OB-GYN practice needs, contact us by clicking GET A QUOTE below. One of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives here at National Ultrasound will be happy to discuss it with you.

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Technical Specifications:

15’’ LCD monitor [Rev BT06], 10.4” touchscreen, 3 Active Probe Ports, Floating Keyboard: Interactive back-lighting, Beta-View CrossXBeam, Virtual Convex, Extended View, ATO [Automatic Tissue Optimization], Coded Harmonic Imaging, High Resolution Zoom, Inversion Real-time automatic Doppler, OB/GYN; Vasc. Cardiac; Abd; Small-Parts; Urology; Ped; Ortho; Neuro reporting, Multigestational Calculations, HPRF [High Pulse Repetition Frequency], SonoVCAD [Matrix array volume technology], TruScan [On-board archive], VCI [Volume Contrast Imaging], SonoAVCfollicle [Sonography-based Automated Volume Count follicle], SonoVCADheart [Sonography-based Volume Computer Aided Display], TUI [Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging], CE [Coded Excitation], XTD, SRI III [Speckle reduction imaging], CRI [Compound Resolution Imaging], DICOM, Ethernet port, Video Out, 6 USB ports, Integrated HDD (160 GB) and DVD/CD-RW.

Dimensions: 50.8″ (H) x 22.8″ (W) x 36.6″ (D) Weight: 265 lbs

  • OB-GYN
  • 19" monitor
  • 4D Real Time
  • CFM Doppler Mode
  • Coded Contrast Imaging
  • CrossBeam
  • DICOM 4D
  • HD flow
  • Power Doppler Mode
  • SonoVCAD
  • STIC (Spacial-Temporal Image Correlation)
  • T.U.I (Tomographic Ulrasound Imaging)
  • VOCAL II VCI (Volume Contrast Imaging)
  • GE>11L-D Linear Array
  • GE>3S-D Cardiac Sector
  • GE>4C-D Convex Array
  • GE>9L-D Linear Array
  • GE>AB2-7 Convex
  • GE>IC5-9-D Intercavity
  • GE>M6C-D Convex
  • GE>P2D CWD Non-Imaging
  • GE>P6D CWD Non-Imaging
  • GE>PA6-8-D Cardiac
  • GE>RAB2-5-D 3D/ 4D Convex
  • GE>RAB4-8-D 3D/4D Convex
  • GE>RIC5-9-D 3D/4D Intracavity
  • GE>RIC6-12-D 3D/4D Intracavity
  • GE>RNA5-9-D 3D/4D Convex
  • GE>RRE6-10-D Endocavitary Micro-Convex
  • GE>RSP6-16-D 3D/D Linear
  • GE>SP10-16-D Linear
  • Black and white printer
  • Color printer
  • DVD-Recorder