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Portable Ultrasound Machines

As ultrasound machines become more compact and their image quality more precise, doctors have begun carrying the body-imaging technology in the form of portable ultrasound machines to rural U.S. hospitals and developing countries. No longer is ultrasound available only to hospitals with reliable power supplies and room for bulky equipment.

National Ultrasound, the best medical supplier and online ultrasound retailer on the market today, is proud to present the GE LOGIQ e [...]

The Mindray Z5 Vet portable ultrasound machine was designed for veterinarians looking for an affordable and reliable color portable ultrasound [...]

National Ultrasound is proud to offer GE brand ultrasound machines, including the innovative GE Vscan line of products. GE VScan [...]

Ultrasound Machine

GE Venue 50 Ultrasound Machine

The GE Venue 50 Portable Ultrasound Machine, available through National Ultrasound, combines the best of diagnostic imaging, monitoring, interactive display [...]

Ultrasound Machine

GE Venue 40 Ultrasound Machine

This model is no longer manufactured by GE. Contact us today for a refurbished or comparable machine like the GE [...]

National Ultrasound offers products by Mindray, a leader in innovation. The Mindray M 9 Portable Color Ultrasound Machine is based [...]

National Ultrasound joins with Mindray in their vision to make better healthcare solutions more accessible. The Mindray DP-30 Vet is [...]

Ultrasound Machine

GE Vivid q Ultrasound Machine

This model is no longer manufactured by GE. Contact us today for a refurbished or comparable machine like the GE [...]

National Ultrasound proudly carries products by Sonosite, whose motto is “Any Patient. Anywhere. Anytime.” The SonoSite MicroMaxx portable ultrasound machine [...]

National Ultrasound offers products by SonoSite, a company that makes compact, portable ultrasound machines with high picture quality, because “The [...]

National Ultrasound is proud to offer a wide range of Mindray products. The Mindray DP-30 Portable Ultrasound Machine is a [...]

Ultrasound Machine

Mindray M7 Ultrasound Machine

The Mindray M7 ultrasound has been discontinued by Mindray. The new model replacing the M7 is the Mindray MX7 ultrasound [...]

Portable Ultrasound Machines

Medical professionals can carry handheld machines anywhere they like. Some have programmed assistance and touchscreens to make performing a scan or imaging easier. They work with apps, such as for IOs or Androids, to back up information.

When working with animal patients, Philips Lumify® Veterinary Ultrasound Machine is a sensible choice.  It has an app that works on Google devices and Androids. With advanced technology, the three transducers will demonstrate 2D imaging and Doppler. Imaging algorithms and tools allow for automatic adjustment.

Compact Ultrasound Equipment and Scanners

View a wide range of high end portable ultrasound machines that are designed for smaller spaces. Especially in rooms with a lot of patients.

See if the Mindray DP-50 Ultrasound Machine is a good fit for your medical clinic. This machine is designed to produce high-quality care in a shorter amount of time. It has black and white ultrasound images with information management programming.

Mobile & Lightweight Sonogram Machines

When you need to transport ultrasound and sonogram machines quickly, you want one that will travel with ease to various rooms. This is especially important if you have patients with gland complications, potential tumors, or bone disease.

One machine that combines both an economy portable ultrasound and high quality sonogram comparison is the Mindray M7 Ultrasound Machine. It uses both advanced imaging and miniaturization technologies for efficiency and accuracy.

Portable Ultrasound Machine Market

The fledgling industry of portable ultrasound units has grown rapidly and has become an even bigger part of the ultrasound market. The portable battery-operated machines aren’t expected to completely replace standard console-sized units, just as laptop computers haven’t rendered desktop models obsolete. They simply provide support in areas with many patients or a demand for quick diagnoses and treatments.

Take wait times for scans and diagnoses. All too often, patients have to wait for hours to get even a basic exam. Portable machines can reduce the wait times as well as potential overcrowding. This also reduces the strain on a facility’s resources.

Portable Ultrasound Equipment

Portable ultrasound systems also allow for more accurate diagnoses with fewer costs. This reduces the risk of harm to patients from inaccurate diagnoses and recommended treatments.

They can also move from room to room, which is important in fields such as critical care. In some cases, patients risk their health when being transported to multiple locations, even in the same hospital or clinic. With portable ultrasound machines, doctors can help many individuals without causing unnecessary stress.

Leverage High Performance And Optimized Point Of Care

National Ultrasound offers all the portable and handheld ultrasound systems on the market today. We also provide the expertise so that you can make an informed decision for different clinics and facilities. Whether for emergency medicine, pain management or ob gyn, we have different options.

If you would like to request a quote on any of the machine, reach out today. Our experts can answer all of your questions about which model is the right fit. At National Ultrasound, you can get image optimization and other services that can cater to your budget.