Sonosite MicroMaxx Ultrasound Machine

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National Ultrasound proudly carries products by Sonosite, whose motto is “Any Patient. Anywhere. Anytime.” The SonoSite MicroMaxx portable ultrasound machine offers big-machine performance in a hand-carried unit. This lightweight (under eight pounds), durable, laptop-size machine goes wherever you need it, takes up little space, and boots up quickly (15 seconds) for emergencies. The purpose-built software and proprietary ASIC design of the MicroMaxx ultrasound yields high-quality images with speed and reliability while efficiently operating on either AC or battery power. Using 2D, M-Mode, color Doppler, color power Doppler, Tissue Harmonic Imaging, pulsed wave Doppler, continuous wave Doppler, and more, the MicroMaxx’s imaging technologies are engineered to benefit your practice for many applications, including abdominal, cardiac, gynecology and infertility, interventional and intraoperative, obstetrical, pediatric, prostate, superficial, transcranial, and vascular.

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Technical Specifications:

10.4″ LCD, 128 channels, Dynamic range: Up to 165 dB, Gray scale: 256 shades, B-Mode, M-Mode, Velocity color Doppler, Color power Doppler, PW, CW Doppler Dual imaging, M-mode/Duplex Imaging, 3 sweep speeds, 1/2:1/2, 1/3:2/3 and full-screen options 2X Pan/Zoom, Tissue Harmonic Imaging, IMT, Transcranial Doppler (TCD), Store up to 10,000 images with a 1 Gb CompactFlash, DICOM® Print and Store, Modality Work List, SonoRoam™, SiteLink™, Rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Dimensions: 3.1″ (H) x 10.8″ (W) x 11.8″ (D) Weight: 7.7 lbs
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Endocrinology
  • Family Practice
  • Gastroenterology
  • OB-GYN
  • Podiatry
  • Vascular
  • Extended Cardiac Package
  • External Video and Audio (requires an MSSm/MDS LIte or separate minidock)
  • Sonosite>C11e - 8-5MHz - 11-mm broadband curved array - 10cm scan depthApplications: Abdominal - nerve
  • Sonosite>C60e - 5-2MHz - 60-mm broadband curved array - 30cm scan depth - biopsy kit availableApplications: Abdominal - obstetrics - gynecology
  • Sonosite>C8 - 8-5MHz - 8-mm broadband intracavitary array - 8.5cm scan depth - biopsy kit availableApplications: Prostate
  • Sonosite>D2 - 2MHz - pencil transducer - pedof CWApplications: Cardiac
  • Sonosite>HFL38 - 13-6MHz - 38-mm broadband linear array - 6cm scan depth - biopsy kit availableApplications: Breast - small parts - nerve - vascular - IMT - musculoskeletal
  • Sonosite>ICTe - 18-5MHz - 11-mm broadband tightly curved array - 10cm scan depth - biopsy kit availableApplications: Obstetrics - gynecology
  • Sonosite>L25e - 13-6MHz - 25-mm broadband linear array - 6cm scan depth - transverse guide availableApplications: Nerve - musculoskeletal - vascular - and superficial
  • Sonosite>L38e - 10-5MHz - 38-mm broadband linear array - 9cm scan depth - biopsy kit availableApplications: Small parts - breast - vascular - nerve - IMT - musculoskeletal - superficial
  • Sonosite>P10 - 8-4MHz - 10-mm broadband phased array - 14cm scan depth - biopsy kit availableApplications: Pediatric cardiology - pediatric abdominal - neonatal heads - nerve
  • Sonosite>P17 - 5-1MHz - 17-mm broadband phased array - 35cm scan depth - biopsy kit availableApplications: Cardiac - abdominal - obstetrics - transcranial (TCD) - orbital
  • Sonosite>SLA - 13-6MHz - 25-mm broadband linear array - 6cm scan depthApplications: Vascular - musculoskeletal - superficial - nerve
  • Sonosite>SLT - 10-5MHz - 52-mm broadband linear array - 10cm scan depthApplications: Intraoperative hepatic - abdominal - pelvic
  • Sonosite>TEE - 8-3MHz - multiplane transesophageal 180-degree rotation of the imaging plane - providing a 360-degree field of view - 18cm scan depthApplications: Adult transesophageal imaging
  • Black and White Video Printer
  • DVD-Recorder