Best Selling GE Ultrasound Models

GE has several lines of ultrasound machines, each designed for particular healthcare needs. 

They cover multiple fields and niches to specialize in medicine. Each line strives for daily excellence in healthcare so that doctors can find new ways to help people. Bestselling GE Ultrasound models emulate the brand’s values and goals when it comes to treating patients and making diagnoses. 

GE Ultrasound Machines

LOGIQ General Imaging focuses on whole body ultrasounds and diagnoses. It has been a body imaging leader for thirty years, owing to adapting to changing healthcare needs. The machines balance convenience with quality. Some are quality models that use in-house digital architecture. 

The newest model from the LOGIQ line is the GE LOGIQ E10 Ultrasound Machine. It provides intuitive capabilities to streamline workflows. Exams are fast while providing the same high image quality that trademarks the brand as well as accuracy for making diagnoses. 

GE LOGIQ E10 Ultrasound Machine

In addition to its efficiency, the E10 is also easy to clean and highly portable. Use the scan assistant and the machine’s archiving features for data storage. 

If you want to consider other options, the GE Vivid is another good choice. It covers cardiovascular applications, to focus on heart health. With how much blood the heart pumps daily, maintaining it becomes a priority when people suffer repeated physical stresses. 

The Vivid Ultra line uses AI to guide its diagnoses. They also have digital defenses against cyberattacks. Sometimes hackers will want to access this data to extort hospitals, which can cause additional problems. Having cybersecurity will protect everyone within the medical system, from patients to administrators.  

If you want a model with a Scan Assist Pro, the GE Vivid IQ Ultrasound Machine will fulfill the job well. A portable design and ergonomic laptop form allow for convenient mobility so that you can transport it throughout the facility. Reduce operator discomfort while using it, and use the auto-optimization machine to streamline image quality.

GE Vivid iq Ultrasound Machine

Another good brand for portability is the GE Versana line. Each machine within it is designed for compactness while delivering on point-of-care. Medical professionals and technicians can carry the machines easily from offices while implementing important protocols. The Scan Assist not only standardizes each test but also allows one to customize them for unique clinical procedures.     

Do you need a machine that comes with a warranty, confidentiality, and comfort for the user? Look at the GE Versana Active Ultrasound Machine. An encryption algorithm protects patient data while in use, and you can pair the device with multiple probes. 

GE Versana Active Ultrasound Machine

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