First Annual Ultrasound Review Contest Round 4 Winners

National Ultrasound’s 1st Annual Review your Ultrasound Machine contest is now complete. We were excited to receive hundreds of 2020-review-contest-blog-image-round-4responses and finally narrowed it down to 26 reviews to receive a prize for their submissions. 25 of those reviews will receive a prize of $50.00 and 1 grand prize winner $1,000.00.

Thank you to all of those who participated and shared their experience and professional opinions of the ultrasound machine they regularly use. 

This week we are announcing our fourth round of winners and sharing their reviews. Over the next couple of weeks we will continue to announce winners and their reviews wrapping up with the grand prize $1,000.00 winner. Stay tuned by subscribing to our blog to see who won and hear what they had to share about their ultrasound machine.

Here are our fourth round of winners who will receive a $50.00 prize:

  • Kim Strong, RDMS, RVT
  • Whitney Bodine, RDCS
  • Katie Speiker, RDMS
  • Jorge Ortega Hernandez, RDMS
  • Mary Avila

The reviews below are on a variety of units from:

Ultrasound Machine Reviews

Mindray DC-7 Ultrasound Machine

Kim Strong, RDMS, RVT

The Mindray DC7 equipment was purchased for my sonography lab prior to my hire. I started the program here in 2012. These machines are outstanding, allowing students to produce high quality, diagnostic images with easy to implement knobology. The images obtained with the Mindray can hold their own against the more popular manufacturers and their color outshines a lot of those other systems. I have been so pleased with the Mindray DC7 that when we were awarded funding for a new system, I purchased a Mindray DC 70. LOVE IT!

Philips Epiq 7 Ultrasound Machine

Whitney Bodine, RDCS

Philips Epiq 7 – I have been doing cardiac ultrasound for 32 years. When you scan toddlers the machine you use has to be really fast, enormously responsive and ridiculously reliable. I can honestly say that I have used numerous ultrasound machines in my career and everything that Philips makes is a dream to work on. The Philip’s Epiq line of ultrasound platforms are truly the best on the market. It’s like driving a brand new Ferrari compared to clunking along in a 2004 Ford Explorer with a bad blind spot.

GE Vivid iq Ultrasound Machine

Katie Speiker, RDMS

The GE Vivid IQ is an awesome machine, especially for being a portable one. I’d put it up against many larger well known stationary machines any day! It has a cycle back option allowing you to use both hands when needed, then you can go back through the cycles captured and pick the best one. I absolutely love this machine!

GE Voluson E10 Ultrasound Machine

Jorge Ortega Hernandez, RDMS

Throughout my journey as a sonographer spanning about a decade, i’ve been using several types and brands of ultrasound machines, in different countries and settings, ranging from big hospitals to small clinics an everything in between, so i’m used to them, fact that makes it hard for me to be impressed, however and being honest i was/am really impressed by the GE VOLUSON E10, definitely its design was thought to make happy even the most demanding sonographer. From the ”outside” excellent and very appropriate size of screen, keyboard, ergonomy, anatomical probes, overall functionality is amazing; regarding the quality of image, it is extraordinary, easily adjustable according to the needs of each person and patient, Dopplers in general are really nice, but you will be absolutely in love with the radiant flow function, it’s so nitid that it looks unreal.

My final thought is that I personally consider the GE VOLUSON E10, as one of the best ultrasound machines in the market right now, and if asked, without hesitation i’d recommend it.

Siemens Acuson Redwood Ultrasound Machine

Mary Avila

Siemens Acuson Redwood – It meets the needs of all specialties. Allows needle visualization during ultrasound guidance. Great color fill during vascular imaging. Allows image optimization with auto tissue equalizer technology. WiFi access during portable studies. Our applications person is accessible to our needs.

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