First Annual Ultrasound Review Contest Round 5 Winners

National Ultrasound’s 1st Annual Review your Ultrasound Machine contest is now complete and we are amazed at the number of 2020-review-contest-blog-image-round-5responses we received. We reviewed hundreds of responses and finally narrowed it down to 26 reviews to receive a prize for their submissions. 25 of those reviews will receive a prize of $50.00 and 1 grand prize winner $1,000.00.

A big thank you to all of those who participated and shared their professional opinions and experience with the ultrasound machine they regularly use. 

This week we are announcing our fifth round of winners and sharing their reviews. Next week we will announce our grand prize winner! Stay tuned by subscribing to our blog to see who won and hear what they had to share about their ultrasound machine.

Here are our fifth round of winners who will receive a $50.00 prize:

  • Emma Graen, RDMS
  • Kathleen Amorosa Hauben, RCS
  • Katia Schurhammer, RDCS
  • Lisa Smith, RDMS
  • Shavanna Dudley, RDMS

The reviews below are on a variety of units from:

Ultrasound Machine Reviews

GE Logiq E9 Ultrasound Machine Review

Emma Graen, RDMS

GE Logiq E9 – This ultrasound machine not only is easy to use, but benefits the patients by means of providing clear and diagnostic images. I am able to identify clear pathology and prove color flow, and doppler in order to provide the most valuable information for the reading radiologist. I am beyond grateful that the hospital uses these specific GE machines and I couldn’t ask for anything better. Thank you so much!

Philips Affiniti 70 Ultrasound Machine Review

Kathleen Amorosa Hauben, RCS

Philips Affiniti 70 – The machine has a nice compact footprint. Very portable. Able to get into small places. Software is very customizable. Easy to clean. Scans well on difficult patients. Great penetration. Large monitor makes scanning easy. Probe is comfortable in hand. TEE probe is substantial. Great imaging quality. We purchased a second unit 1 year after the initial because we were so happy with the first.

GE Vivid E95 Ultrasound Machine Review

Katia Schurhammer, RDCS

As an echo tech for over 10 years I have used GE Ultrasound machines. I believe the first echo machine I use for about five years was called an E9, the last five years I’ve used an E95 and I can’t tell you how satisfied I am. I work about 26 days a month using this machine. It makes my job easier because I’m getting great quality images on technically difficult patients. In the future I hope to find a new job which has the availability of GE equipment. GE Vivid E95 has made my job convenient, efficient and my exams superior.

GE Voluson E6 Ultrasound Machine Review

Lisa Smith, RDMS

GE Voluson E6 – We have used GE ultrasound equipment for years at our facility. We currently have a Voluson E8 and E6 as well as 7 V-scans. The Voluson E8 is older but still provides excellent daily OB and gyn scanning advantages in grey scale imaging and Doppler modalities. The E6 provides even more advanced features that aid in speed and additional ease of use in scanning as well as exceptional 3D, 4D and HD Live imaging. Both machines are very user friendly but the E6 being newer provides better interfacing with connecting technology. The V-scans are an excellent addition to our practice adding the portable element to patient care and providing quick, convenient imaging with ease of use as well.

Siemens Acuson Aspen Ultrasound Machine Review

Shavanna Dudley, RDMS

Siemens Acuson Aspen – Best ultrasound machine I’ve used during my career. The ease of the machine is wonderful. The images are clear and precise. Controls on the machine are straightforward and easy to use. The size of the machine is also a plus!, due to the compact size.

Ultrasound Reviews Help Guide the Decision Making Process

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