Fun Sculpting Liposuction Machines Product Comparison

Fun Sculpting Liposuction Machines Product Comparison

You are considering adding or upgrading liposuction cosmetic procedures in your practice, but you want to know what liposuction machine to choose.  Fun Sculpting Liposuction Machines are a great new alternative and there are several factors to take into consideration: patient comfort, safety, recovery time, and procedure time are just a few of these considerations. It all boils down to two basic questions: What will be best for my practice? And, more importantly, what will be best for my patients?


Laser-assisted liposuction techniques, like those used by Vaser Liposuction Equipment and Smartlipo equipment, while touted as fast and minimally invasive, can result in severe complications. Potential risks of laser lipo can range from the cosmetic: dimpling, discoloration, scarring, or sagging skin, to the health-compromising: infection, inflammation, and even skin necrosis. The laser can result in burns, and pain from the procedure can last for months.

Unlike laser-assisted liposuction machines such as Smartlipo machines or Vaser liposuction machines, which can cause unsightly scarring and dimpling, the Fun Sculpting Liposuction Machine results in minimal bruising and scarring.

The Fun Sculpting Liposuction machine uses High Definition Liposuction techniques, which are better for both patients and doctors. It is more comfortable for the patient during the procedure and up to 36 hours afterwards, without requiring sedation. It is 40% faster and more precise than other kinds of liposuction equipment, allowing the doctor to focus on results without getting fatigued. Fun Sculpting Liposuction boasts a re-treatment rate of just 0.1%, far lower than the 30% re-treatment rate of Vaser Liposuction or the 40% rate of Smartlipo.

HD Liposuction also allows for more versatile patient selection. The safety and ease of the Fun Sculpting Liposuction equipment means there is no upper BMI limit. The risks of laser-assisted liposuction such as Vaser and Smartlipo increase substantially at BMIs over 28. They also have a pigmentation issue that can cause discoloration on certain skin types. The vibration used by the Fun Sculpting Liposuction equipment is ideal for all skin types, replacing heat and eliminating the risk of discoloration.

Most importantly, Vaser Liposuction has a 70% customer satisfaction rate, while Smartlipo results in a customer satisfaction rate of just 60%. Fun Sculpting Liposuction boasts a 99.9% customer satisfaction rate!

HD Liposuction techniques used by the Fun Sculpting Liposuction machine are better and safer for both patients and doctors, and the 2-year warranty ensures customer satisfaction. Check the National MD store for pricing and promos, and broaden the horizon of your practice today!