GE Vscan or GE Voluson? What is the Difference?

Ultrasound machines are a vital component in women’s healthcare, as they offer a non-invasive and relatively easy way to diagnose a variety of medical issues. GE is at the forefront of ultrasound machine development and offers some of the most innovative and advanced technologies in this area.

GE ultrasound machines are being used in hospitals and clinics all over the world, and are making a huge impact on how doctors are able to diagnose and treat patients. Two of their more popular product lines include the GE VScan and GE Voluson.

However, how do healthcare professionals and procurement specialists determine which ultrasound machine is the perfect fit for their office? Fortunately, at National Ultrasound, we did the research so that you could be empowered to make the right selection for you.

What is the Difference between GE Vscan and GE Voluson?

The most obvious difference between these two machines is their size. While both retain a high degree of portability, it’s the Vscan line that truly impresses in this area.

Boasting exceptional mobility, versatility, and a range of compact sizes, GE Vscan machines represent a new era of ultrasound technology. The GE Vscan Extend Sector Probe, for example, looks like a mobile phone and features touchscreen functionality.

Meanwhile, the GE Vscan Air actually does work in conjunction with your smart phone! Compatible with iOS® and Android™ devices, this handheld ultrasound machine features a dual, curved and linear probe for imaging guidance, and clear visualization of internal anatomy.

The GE Voluson Offers Excellent Imaging Quality

The compact Vscan is particularly ideal for small or transient operations. For medical professionals with a more permanent space, the GE Voluson line excels among its peers.

It offers superior imaging quality to many machines on the market today, and it does so without sacrificing mobility. The GE Voluson E10, for example, features an expansive high-resolution OLED display, advanced 4D capabilities, and superb ultrasound volume on a platform with wheels and onboard storage.

When you think about it, portability has an upper limit when your operations don’t require the freedom of movement that a handheld, mobile phone-sized device provides. If you work out of an office, for example, a GE Voluson provides everything you need — and with added durability to help your machine to endure a medical environment.

Selecting a Model Depends Greatly on Your Needs

This may sound obvious, but it’s advantageous to reiterate that the differences largely come down to the needs of your organization. The GE Vscan Extend has a screen resolution of 2560×1440 pixels, while the GE Voluson E10 has a monitor resolution of 1920×1080, but a larger screen size.

Ultimately, you should decide if your organization requires a pocket-sized ultrasound. For example, do you need to move frequently or is storage space limited?

With the exceptional performance of each machine, your operators will thank you regardless of how you decide.


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