Top 3 Ultrasound Machines for OB/GYN Practices

OB/GYN Ultrasound Machine Options

When it comes to OB-Gyn, having proper ultrasound equipment is important. For regular gynecological checkups, a medical professional may want to check for painful inflammation, unusual cysts, or even potential tumors in the worst-case scenario. When it comes to obstetrics, a doctor hopes to prevent any health complications that can arise with pregnancy or fertility issues. The top three ultrasound machines for OB-GYN practices can handle all of these concerns.

A good amount of women’s healthcare still needs a vast field of research. For example, endometriosis sometimes requires laparoscopic surgery to identify the source of the chronic pain, which requires scheduling and recovery time. That’s why having trained experts is important.

Technology that focuses on these diagnoses can reduce the number of exploratory surgeries, as well as the strain on the patient. That’s why portable ultrasound machines with the appropriate specialties are important.

Best Ultrasound Equipment For Women’s Healthcare

Our top recommendation is the array of REI/IVF Ultrasound machines that we currently have. These machines assist with reproductive endocrinology. Both OB-Gyn specialists and doulas can use these to monitor women that need assistance with either difficult pregnancies or chronic conditions.

We recommend going with the Mindray line, with its focus on accessible, high-quality healthcare. Their manufacturer’s warranties also last for several years, meaning that you can get a higher value on the brand which you purchase.

The Mindray DC-70 X-Insight Ultrasound Machine is an upgrade from previous models in the series. It has improved image quality and exclusive OB-Gyn features that can make diagnoses and examinations much easier.

With the Mindray DC-40 Ultrasound Machine, you get an affordable Color Doppler system that combines automated processes with accessible education software. With a built-in battery and portable design, you can quickly transport it around a facility and assist multiple patients.

When high-risk pregnancy happens, portable obstetrics ultrasound machines are necessary for doctors to assist the parents, namely with Color Doppler features and image enhancement. These features allow the OB-Gyn doctors to look at the fetus in detail, to identify issues with blood flow or defects.

Do you want the newest system from the Mindray brand? One portable ultrasound that should strike your eye and your budget is the Mindray DP-50 Expert Ultrasound machine. It has features that are designed to examine strange masses at a closer glance, as well as the umbilical cord’s condition. The Smart Bladder feature will help monitor bladder volume remotely during an abdominal sonogram, paired with Color Doppler imaging.

Invest In Women’s Health Using National Ultrasound

National Ultrasound knows that clinics need access to high-quality medical equipment to make assessments on women’s health diagnoses. Whether you need a portable ultrasound system or probes that can conduct a rapid amount of examinations on different organs.
To find out more, please reach out to us today. National Ultrasound will pair you with imaging technology that not only fits your budget but also assists your patients with accurate diagnoses. Let us streamline your high performance, and keep your female patients healthy.