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Improve diagnostics with GE HDlive Advanced Rendering

In 2011, GE Healthcare created an amazing and innovative rendering tool – HDlive. Both the Voluson E6 and Voluson E8 ultrasound systems provide exceptional 3D and 4D imaging with HDlive. This tool allows for remarkable anatomical realism in images. HDlive uses an advanced illumination model in order to provide the opportunity for early detection and prevention instead of late diagnosis. The Voluson E6 and E8 are specialized for OB/Perinatology and promote early health with clear and detailed images even early in the first trimester. Clinicians are able to better assess fetal development with these systems and enhance patient communication.

Improve diagnostics with GE HDlive Advanced Rendering

HDlive’s movable light source is generated from the ultrasound signal and shifting the light source allows physicians to see individual structures of the anatomy with improved depth perception. In addition, HDlive allows patients to see detailed features and even facial expressions of their new child.

GE Healthcare’s Voluson E6 and Voluson E8 also boast other unique features. Both systems have Advanced Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI) . This tool increases clarity in 2D images and lets physicians view organs with high-definition resolution. In addition, the Voluson E6 and E8 contain Advanced Volume Contrast Imaging with OmniView . This next generation technology assists physicians in discerning irregular shapes in ultrasound images by enhancing contrast.

The GE Healthcare Voluson systems are state of the art and allow physicians to better serve their patients with advanced tools and technology. National Ultrasound carries these systems and is dedicated to providing quality information regarding the best options for many types of medical practices.