Great Reasons to Invest in an Ultrasound Machine for Your Medical Practice


Having an in-office ultrasound unit is beneficial for many different reasons. Purchasing a unit offers an added convenience for both patients and physicians by providing real time imaging. Patients don’t have to be sent elsewhere to receive their ultrasound and then return to your office to view the results. In addition, billing often becomes simpler for patients as they only receive one bill rather than having different bills from separate offices.

In-office ultrasound systems also allow better relationships between patients and doctors . Patients can see the entire process of evaluating a medical situation rather than simply being handed a potentially confusing and often misunderstood diagnosis at the end of the visit. Ultrasounds can be utilized in many different medical fields and are excellent when it comes to diagnosis due to the real time imaging aspect – potential problems can be discovered earlier.

Ultrasound machines vary in price so you can decide what type of financial commitment is best for your practice. Many great ultrasound models are available for lower than $50,000 and there are many refurbished units available. Cost is no longer an obstacle when it comes to investing in an ultrasound machine for your medical office. In addition, a recent study (Akbar N, et al. Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 2006;135;884-8) found that most ultrasound machines pay for themselves within a year of using the technology in the office. National Ultrasound is happy to provide both new and refurbished units for your office and we can steer you in the right direction when it comes to deciding what type of unit and accessories to buy.

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