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Mindray North America Makes Super Bowl LI!

Mindray North America Makes Super Bowl LI | National MedicalSuper Bowl LI was exciting, though for most Falcon’s fans less than thrilling when it was all said and done. But, regardless of which team on the gridiron you were pulling for, one thing most of us had in common was a fascination to see the commercials that were aired. After all, the commercials ranged from humorous to serious, those geared toward technology while others on art, featured stars as well as the unknowns, educated and entertained – and for non-football fans, offered a reason to watch the game.

This year Mindray Patient Monitors were part of the offerings. Featured as part of the Aflac commercial, the Mindray DPM 7 monitor was in center stage.  Mindray offers an assortment of patient monitoring equipment as well as anesthesia and ultrasound products, and is looking forward to more exposure in the year to come.

Being a part of the Super Bowl ads is pretty spectacular. But Mindray is much more than that. The Mindray team has been providing doctors with the ability to safely and easily monitor patients for a long time. Consequently, they have an assortment of products designed to make this easier. Here are just a few of the monitors from Mindray:

  • Accutorr 3 –  This is a lightweight, portable vital sign monitor is perfect for low acuity areas of your practice or hospital. It can be moved easily, has a simple to use touchpad and interface, and allows the direct export of vital signs data into an EMR.
  • Accutorr 7 – Whether needed for on location monitoring or stationed by a bedside, the Accutorr 7 is perfect. It collects vital signs data, has an early warning scoring system, customizable NIBP modes, and includes all the standard features, plus a recorder, an 8-hour lithium battery, and all the pieces needed to begin monitoring your patients.
  • Passport 12 – Featuring a plug and play modular structure, and offering a fully integrated HL7 and DIAP communication protocols, the Passport 12 is a compact, powerful monitoring solution that is ideal for the OR. Offering enhanced capabilities, this monitor is perfect for acute-care monitoring needs.
  • Passport 8 – Combining diversity in needs with efficiency, this patient monitor goes beyond the basics of offering integrated HL7 and DIAP communication protocols to provide wired and wireless networking capabilities and enables connectivity to BeneVision Central Station, thus allowing patient data to easily be sent where you need it.

Each piece of Mindray North America’s office equipment is designed to let you do the absolute best, so you and your patient can be the stars. After all, it is great to be a part of Super Bowl LI, but it is even greater to know that Mindray has been helping doctors for years. The next time you need to upgrade the equipment in your practice, be sure to check out the Mindray lines. If you have questions give us a call. We would love to help you and your patients be the star!