GE Vivid S70 Console Ultrasound Machines for Sale

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At National Ultrasound, we believe that the right diagnostic imaging equipment is a key factor to providing quality patient care in any practice. That’s why all of the new and used ultrasound machines for sale on the National Ultrasound site are from reputable brands and medical supply manufacturers. GE is one of our most trusted medical manufacturers, and we are happy to make GE ultrasound systems available to all of our customers, regardless of practice specialty or budget.

The GE Vivid S70 Console Ultrasound Machine is a patient monitoring and ultrasound system with 19″ LED Touchscreen display. With intuitive user interface, traditional console, clear resolution display, and remote image storage archive capabilities, this console ultrasound is ideal for cardio, vascular, and internal medicine applications. Read about the technical specifications and applications below, and click “Get a Quote” to find out about pricing information. If you have questions regarding any of our ultrasound systems, or if you wish to speak to a specialist, contact us.

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Technical Specifications:

19” LED Screen with Articulating Monitor Arm, 12.1” Touchscreen with ultra-high resolution, 27.1” Footprint, 3 DLP connectors, 1 RS connector, 1 Doppler probe connector, Raw Date, HIS, EMR, PACS Interfaces, Anatomical M-mode, Tissue Tracking, TSI and Strain, Smart Stress, Auto EF, AFI, Automated IQ Features, Cardiac, Vascular, Abdominal, Pediatrics, 2D/4D TEE: 4D Transesophageal TEE probe, 4D Views, FlexiSlice, Triplane, FlexiZoom, 2-Click Crop, , 2D TTE, Auto Gain, Image Manager/ User Interface, Easy M&A Package, Scan Assist Pro, Smart Standby, DICOM Media Viewer, MPEGVue and eVue, Onboard or remote storage archive, cSound, Automated quantification of the LV and MV.

  • 3D/4D
  • Cardiology
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Internal Medicine
  • Vascular
  • 4D Basic
  • 4D MV Assessment Eng.
  • Advanced 4D
  • Advanced QScan Imaging
  • AFI
  • Auto EF
  • DICOM* viewer for media (USB
  • ECG Kit
  • Embedded DICOM** viewer
  • lMT
  • LVO Contrast
  • Mitral Valve Assessment and Quantification (TomTec*)
  • MpegVue/ eVue
  • Q- Analysis
  • Rodent
  • Scan Assist
  • Smart Stress
  • TEE Probe Interface
  • GE>12S-D Phased Array
  • GE>6S-D Sector Array
  • GE>6Tc-RS TEE
  • GE>6VT-D TEE
  • GE>9L-D Linear Array
  • GE>9T-RS - 4.0 - 10.0 MHz multiplane transesophageal
  • GE>C1-6-D XDclear Curved Array
  • GE>M5Sc-D XDclear Active Matrix Single Crystal Phased Array
  • GE>P2D CWD Non-Imaging
  • Anacrome 3D Glasses
  • Black and white printer
  • Color printer
  • Laser Printer
  • Stereo Glasses for 3D visualization
  • USB Flash Card
  • USB Foot Switch-3 Buttons