Medison SonoAce 8000 Live

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This model is no longer manufactured by Medison. Contact us today for a comparable or refurbished machine.


National Ultrasound is the leading online retailer of new and refurbished ultrasound machines, parts, and probes. We carry ultrasound systems and parts from top medical manufacturing brands such as Medison Ultrasound. The Medison SonoAce 8000 Live console ultrasound machine is an affordable 4D ultrasound system for women’s care. It renders 2D, 3D, and 4D imaging while providing diagnostic tools for OB/GYN, vascular, abdominal, and breast imaging applications. National Ultrasound carries new and refurbished ultrasounds for sale, so you can find a system that fits your budget. Click “Get a Quote” for pricing information, or contact us to speak to a specialist. We can help you find the right ultrasound system for your diagnostic imaging needs.

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Technical Specifications:

Prime Software, Volume 3D, Live 3D, 3D Multi-Planer Display, VOCAL, 3D Image Optimization, SonoView image management software, OB/GYN Calculation Package.

Dimensions: 55.9″ (H) x 19.8″ (W) x 32″ (D) Weight: 227 lbs
  • OB-GYN
  • Medison>C3-7ED-N 3-7 MHz / 50 R / 70 D / Convex
  • Medison>EC4-9ES-N 4-9 MHz / 10 R / 150 D / Endocavity
  • Medison>HL5-9ED-N 5-9 MHz / 40 mm / Linear
  • Medison>L5-9EC-N 5-9 MHz / 40 mm / Linear
  • Medison>L5-9ER Broadband 5-9 MHz Linear Array - Small Parts/Vascular/Abdomen
  • Medison>P2-3AC Broadband 2-3 MHz Phased Array - Abdomen/Pediatric/Cardiology
  • Medison>P2-5AC Broadband 2-5 MHz Phased Array - Abdomen/Pediatric/Cardiology
  • Medison>P3-7AC Broadband 3-7 MHz Phased Array - Pediatric/Cardiology/Neonatal
  • Black and white printer
  • Color printer
  • S-VHS recorder