Philips Epiq 5 Ultrasound Machine

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National Ultrasound is a leading online retailer of ultrasound machines and equipment. We offer a full line of ultrasound machines, parts, and probes from the top medical manufacturing brands on the market, including refurbished Philips Ultrasound Machines. The Philips Epiq 5 ultrasound machine is a console ultrasound machine that offers high-end imaging technologies, intuitive user-friendly interface, and automatic anatomy identification. The Philips Epiq 5 is designed for 4D, Abdominal, Anesthesia, Breast, Cardiac, Cardiovascular, Emergency Medicine, Interventional Procedures, Musculoskeletal, OB-GYN, Pediatric, Perinatology, Peripheral Vascular, Small Parts, Stress Echo, Thyroid, Urology, Vascular, Venous and General imaging applications. It is fitted with a 21.5″ High-resolution LCD wide screen monitor, a 12″ touchscreen user interface, AutoDoppler, 4 probe connectors, and several imaging modes. National Ultrasound carries new and refurbished ultrasound machines for sale so you can find an ultrasound system that fits your budget. Click “Get a Quote” to find pricing information on any of National Ultrasounds products. Contact us to speak to a specialist about your diagnostic imaging needs. We can help you find the right ultrasound for your practice or clinic.


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Technical Specifications:

21.5″ High-resolution LCD wide screen monitor, 12″ touchscreen user interface, AutoDoppler, 4 probe connectors , SmartExam & Real Time iSCAN (Autoscan), Tissue Harmonic Imaging, Spatial Compounding, Auto Image Opt (B mode), Auto Image Opt Doppler, Write Zoom, Triplex Mode, Live Dual (B/BC) Mode, SmartExam or Ease Protocol, Fusion, Raw Data File, Flexible Report

  • 3D/4D
  • Anesthesiology
  • Cardiology
  • Endocrinology
  • Family Practice
  • Gastroenterology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Nephrology
  • Neurology
  • OB-GYN
  • Orthopedics
  • Otorhinolaryngology
  • Pain Management
  • Podiatry
  • Rheumatology
  • Surgery
  • Urology
  • Vascular
  • 4D TEE
  • Auto Follicle 2D Measurement
  • Auto IMT
  • Auto NT Measurement
  • Automated B/M/D Measurement
  • DICOM 3.0
  • nSIGHT
  • PureWave Crystal technology
  • Strain Elastography
  • Philips ATL>3D9-3v Volume Endocavitary (3-9 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>C10-3v PureWave Endocavity (3-10 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>C10-4ec Endocavity (4-10 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>C5-1 PureWave Convex Array (1–5 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>C8-5 Micro-convex Array (5–8 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>C9-2 PureWave Micro-convex (2 -9 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>D2cwc Pedoff CW (2 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>D2tcd Pedoff PW (2 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>D5cwc Pedoff CW (5 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>L12-3 Linear Array (3-12 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>L12-5- 12.0 - 5.0 MHz- Linear Array (vascular/small parts)
  • Philips ATL>L15-7io Intraoperative Linear (7–15 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>L18-5 Linear (5-18 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>S12-4 Neonatal Phased Sector Array (4-12 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>S5-1 PureWave Phased Sector Array (1-5 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>S7-3t Pediatric TEE transesophegeal (3-7 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>S8-3 Pediatric Phased Sector Array (3-8 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>V6-2 Volume Convex(2-6 MHz )
  • Philips ATL>VL13-5 Volume Linear (5-13 MHz)
  • Biopsy Guide
  • Black and white printer
  • Color printer