Sonoscape S2 Ultrasound Machine

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National Ultrasound offers machines made by SonoScape, whose products have become indispensable tools for doctors and clinicians worldwide when making critical decisions and reducing their workload.

The SonoScape S2 ultrasound machine is a smart, portable, color Doppler system featuring SonoScape’s new software platform. The S2 brings more value to sonographers than any other in its class. Designed to cater to the needs of doctors, it provides an intelligent patient file management system, convenient user-definable settings, and professional diagnostic applications. Highly mobile with versatile functions and superb design, the S2 features a 15-inch high-definition LCD monitor, providing a clear image from any angle; two active transducer sockets, allowing for frequent changing of transducers; and a built-in battery that supports a one-hour scanning capability. Imaging options include Duplex, Color Doppler, DPI, PW Doppler, tissue harmonic imaging, u-scan speckle reduction imaging, compound imaging, and trapezoidal imaging. The S2 provides advanced imaging technology for a broad range of clinical applications.

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15” high resolution LCD monitor, 2 probe ports with probe holders, Trapezoidal Imaging, Compound Imaging, Built-in 500G hard drive, measurement packages and exam reports

  • Family Practice
  • Orthopedics
  • Pain Management
  • Podiatry
  • Rheumatology
  • Urology
  • CW Doppler
  • ECG
  • Free hand 3D
  • Panoramic Imaging
  • TDl
  • Triplex mode
  • 2-6MHz/ R50mm
  • Sonoscape>10I2 (10-5MHz/25mm)Linear Surgical
  • Sonoscape>10L1 (12-6MHz/36mm) Vascular
  • Sonoscape>2P2 Phased Array (Cardiac
  • Sonoscape>5P1 (7-4MHz) Phased Array Pediatric Cardiac
  • Sonoscape>6V1 (8-4MHz/R11mm) Endovaginal (135 degree)
  • Sonoscape>C322 Convex (Abdominal Biopsy)
  • Sonoscape>C344 (5-2MHz/R40mm) Abdominal Convex
  • Sonoscape>C542 (7-4MHz/R40mm) Abdominal & Pediatric
  • Sonoscape>C611(8-4MHz/R11mm) Micro-convex Pediatric Cardiac
  • Sonoscape>EC9-5 (9-5MHz/R8mm) Micro-Convex Endocavity (150 degree)
  • Sonoscape>L741 (10-5MHz/46mm) Vascular Small part Linear
  • Sonoscape>VC6-2 (6-2MHz/R40mm) Curved Volumetric for Live 3D
  • Biopsy Guide
  • Black and white printer
  • Color printer
  • Footswitch
  • Mobile Cart