Toshiba Viamo Ultrasound Machine

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This model is no longer manufactured by Toshiba. Contact us today for a refurbished or comparable machine.


National Ultrasound proudly offers the products of Toshiba, whose research and development has improved the health and welfare of people around the world for over 130 years. In the Toshiba Viamo portable ultrasound system, the basic capability for high image quality found in premium-class models is implemented in a compact system. The Viamo allows users to provide unrestricted point of care diagnostic capabilities to patients without compromising accuracy and workflow. The slim pole-cart allows the system to be easily moved anywhere. When set to resume mode, it starts up within 15 seconds, allowing examinations to be started promptly at the destination. Using a full range of high performance imaging functions and the latest in ultrasound technology, the Toshiba Viamo can provide a faster and accurate diagnosis and allow clinicians to visualize small and minute tissue detail. Applications include abdominal, emergency medicine, general imaging, OB-GYN, portable, vascular, and venous.

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Technical Specifications:

15″ LCD with touch screen, Imaging modes: 2D, B-mode, M-mode,Color Flow Doppler, Spectral Doppler- PWD, High PRF, Advanced Dynamic Flow (Directional Color Power Doppler). TwinView™, Pulse Subtraction™ THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging), Compound Imaging- Aplipure™, Quick Scan, Speckle Noise Reduction- TissuePure™, 8 GB internal memory storage, 2 USB ports.

Dimensions: 3.9″ (H) x 13.8″ (W) x 15.7″ (D)
Weight: 18.1 lbs
  • Anesthesiology
  • Podiatry
  • Not available
  • Toshiba>PLT-1204BT Linear Array (7-14 MHz)
  • Toshiba>PLT-704AT Convex Array (1.5-5.4 MHz)
  • Toshiba>PLT-704ST Linear Array (6.2-11 MHz)
  • Toshiba>PLT-705BTH Linear Array (2.8-10.3 MHz)
  • Toshiba>PLT-805AT Linear Array (3.9-11.1 MHz)
  • Toshiba>PST-25ST Phased Array (1-5 MHz)
  • Toshiba>PST-50BT Phased Array (2.5-7.6 MHz)
  • Toshiba>PVT-375ST Convex Array (1.4-5.3 MHz)
  • Toshiba>PVT-382BT Convex Array (1.5-5.4 MHz)
  • Toshiba>PVT-661VT Endocavitary (3-8.6 MHz)
  • Toshiba>PVT-674BT Convex Array (2.5-8.5 MHz)
  • Toshiba>PVT-712BT Convex Array (3-10 MHz)
  • Toshiba>PVT-745BTV Intraoperative Convex Array (2.8-10.3 MHz)
  • Black and white printer