Top 5 Ultrasound Machines In 2022

2022 has brought many ultrasound innovations, including Tissue Harmonic Imaging. Established brands like GE and Siemens have upgraded their systems to accommodate changing medical care and high demands. We can retail and offer quotes on the top five ultrasound machines in 2022.

Some brands, like Toshiba, have only refurbished options, so they do not come out with new possibilities. While they have some great models, we recommend using discontinued models if they provide unique services.

Top 5 New 2022 Ultrasound Systems

What are some of the newest models that doctors should consider when buying an ultrasound machine? We list the top five options on the market and link to ultrasound technology available on our website.

Mindray Imagyn i9

The Mindray Imagyn i9 simplifies patient care, especially in OB/GYN. Use the free-floating interface to train your doctors to use this machine quickly. You get maximum usability and ergonomics, so technicians will suffer less wear and tear when conducting exams.

Mindray has patented ZST+ technology for its processing architecture. You can also create automated workflows and AI to benefit patients with elevated transducer ports.

GE Voluson E10

We recommend the GE Voluson for top-color console systems and the E10 for OB-Gyn applications. One can also use it for internal and family medicine, making the machine versatile.

The user interface is intuitive and allows for automatic tissue optimization for viewing. Advanced 4D imaging allows for more accurate diagnoses, paired with Pulse Inversion Technology.

GE LOGIQ E10 Ultrasound Machine

GE has designed the E10 for intuition and optimized mobility. This portable ultrasound provides more efficient workflows with fast exam speeds. Doctors can see more patients during the day.

The company’s proprietary cSound™ Architecture has higher processing power and output than traditional ultrasound options. Use this machine for OB/GYN, Cardiac, Vascular, and MSK. Small parts, general imaging.

Acuson Redwood Machine

The Acuson Redwood Machine is ideal for shared cardiac service. An advanced diagnostics dashboard provides tests and real-time diagnostics for any patient. You can use this machine for adults and children needing heart exams.

Efficient workflows pair with high-quality ultrasound imaging. The quiet operation will ensure patient and technician comfort while reducing noise pollution during an exam. It would help if you had no battery for this to power the LCD screen or interchangeable transducers.

Philips Epiq CVx

One of the newest models from Philips, the Epiq CVx, can conduct shared service and cardiac. Philips prioritizes patient care and quality.

Applications include OB/GYN, Cardiac, Vascular, and general imaging. You get a compact model paired with TrueVue photorealistic 3D rendering and PureWave technology.

The CVx focuses on confident diagnosis for patients. Doctors can use advanced automation to make better-informed decisions.

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