Urology Point of Care Ultrasound Machines

Urology Point of Care Ultrasound Machines – Entry to Flagship Level Units

Urology Point of Care Ultrasound Machines

Urologists scan patients for many different reasons. Having an ultrasound that is versatile is important for diagnosing issues from kidney stones to testicular cancer. Providing their patients with quality care is the goal, and ultrasound is a non-invasive cost-effective solution.

Point-of-care ultrasonography (POCUS) is so effective not only as a powerful diagnostic tool but also in the fact that it can be transferred from room to room or clinic to clinic to perform diagnostic imaging. No longer does a clinician need to move patients around within their office or send them to another location for an ultrasound scan. Point of care ultrasound not only makes patients more comfortable, but it also speeds up the process of diagnosing medical issues.

Selecting the Right Urology Point of Care Ultrasound System

There are a variety of point of care ultrasound machines suited for Urology examinations. National Ultrasound’s expert team, made up of experienced sonographers, has highlighted four units from entry, mid, high and flagship levels. These units were selected based on their features, options, performance and price to help you identify a unit best suited to fit your practice’s needs and budget.

The four units covered in this article are:

Below are our recommendations for four levels of Urology ultrasound machines

Mindrday M6 Portable Point of Care UltrasoundEntry Level: Mindray M6

The Mindray M6 ultrasound system was designed to achieve an ideal balance between size and performance.

The Mindray M6 uses a variety of technological advancements to provide top-notch imaging quality.  These technologies include multi-beam formation for enhanced time resolution and frame rate, iClear speckle suppression imaging for sharper edges and smooth uniform tissues, iBeam spatial compounding imaging for enhanced contrast resolution and visualization in a single image, HR Flow for better visualization of tiny vessels and complex flow patterns, and Ultra-Wideband Non-linear (UWN) for contrast imaging.

National Ultrasound is the exclusive distributor for this efficient and dependable diagnostic tool. It’s so dependable that the unit comes standard with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. The Mindray M6 urology machine has a biplane probe, grid software and stepper package available to add for prostate biopsy and hydrogel spacers. It’s an ideal point of care urology ultrasound machine.

See video reviews and learn more about the Mindray M6

Mid Level: Mindray DC-70 X-Insight Mindray DC-70 x-insight ultrasound machine

We welcome the newest version of Mindray’s DC-70 console ultrasound machine to our offerings, the Mindray DC-70 X-Insight ultrasound machine. This unit comes standard with a 3 year warranty.

Some of the differences in this upgraded unit include:

  • High resolution 21.5 inch monitor versus the DC-70’s 19 inch monitor
  • 13.3 inch adjustable ultra-slim touch screen versus 10.4 inch
  • X-Engine (GPU+CPU) system versus regular
  • Improved image quality
  • 1 TB Hard Drive versus 500 GB
  • Innovative dual-wing floating articulating arm
  • New Single Crystal Probes: SD8-1E Volume & SC6-1E Convex Array
  • New ComboWave Probes L12-3E & L14-5WE Linear Array
  • New 6LB7E Biplane Probe for prostate biopsy and guidance procedures
  • Workflow: New Shortcut to switch probe and exam type

Learn more about the Mindray DC-70 X-Insight ultrasound system or request a quote.

BK-BKspecto-ultrasound-machineHigh Level: BK bkSpecto Ultrasound Machine

The BK bkSpecto ultrasound machine is a color console diagnostic imaging system designed for urology as well as surgery, small parts, vascular and general imaging. With a wide range of ultrasound transducers to choose from for multiple applications that fit the bkSpecto’s diagnostic scanning ability.

The large high-resolution monitor can be rotated for both vertical and horizontal views. This system carries a small footprint with ergonomic features and an integrated battery with 1 hour of continuous service. The glass interface is sealed to make cleaning and disinfecting easy. The bkSpecto includes advanced features such as 3D, DICOM, Wifi, Vector Flow Imaging, and more.

Learn more about the BK Medical bkSpecto ultrasound system or request a quote.

Flagship: Flex Focus 800 Ultrasound MachineBK-flex-focus-800-ultasound-machine

The BK Flex Focus 800 ultrasound machine is a color console system ideal for urology ultrasound. This unit provides high-level detail and contrast resolution for kidney, prostate, bladder, and testicular imaging and a wide range of transducers for prostate biopsy and procedural guidance.

The high-resolution 19-inch monitor provides excellent image quality. The BK Medical Flex Focus 800 ultrasound machine carries a small footprint, making it easy to move from room to room within your practice or take into the field if necessary. This unit comes with a smooth sealed keyboard for easy cleaning, 4-hour battery life, wifi network connection, and more. The Flex Focus 800 system and transducers are easy to clean and disinfect.

The Flex Focus 800 includes advanced features such as Automatic Mode Adjustment, Motion Compensated Angular Compound Imaging, and Triplex which enables maximization of PRF.

The Flex Focus 800 is also suited for applications such as surgery, small parts, vascular, and general imaging.

Learn more about the BK Medical Flex Focus 800 Ultrasound System or request a quote.

Understanding your options

Patients’ confidence increases when doctors can improve the speed and quality of healthcare delivery. Urologists require an ultrasound unit that will meet the various healthcare needs of a wide variety of patients.  We are confident one of the four units we highlighted above will meet your practice’s needs and budget.

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Since our founding in 2003, we at National Ultrasound have focused on a single product category: new and used ultrasound systems, parts, and probes. We are a company of technicians with more than 250 years of collective experience working with equipment from the six largest ultrasound manufacturers.

Our focus on being the best and most knowledgeable in a single industry is what has led to our position as the #1 dedicated ultrasound supplier in the United States and allows us to provide the best equipment and service to healthcare professionals across the globe.

Our mission is to continually provide our customers with quality ultrasound equipment and services at the lowest possible prices.

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