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Why Your Practice Needs A Point of Care Ultrasound Machine


In recent years, technology has allowed portable ultrasound devices to become more popular due to advanced image quality, increased functionality, and lower costs. Point of care ultrasound machines have been deemed the “stethoscope of the future” and these laptop to cell phone sized units are capable of diagnosing issues of many different organs of the body, not just the heart and lungs. The cost of point of care ultrasound units begins at around $8,000 to $15,000 depending on the brand. These units allow physicians to carry out the procedure right in the examination room – removing the burden of travel and repeat visits for the patient.

Point of care ultrasounds enhance diagnostic trust and accuracy while providing an added aspect of convenience for doctor and patient alike. These ultrasound procedures usually take less than twenty minutes, offering yet another convenience in terms of time. Facilities boasting point of care ultrasound machines will stand out in comparison to those who have chosen not to incorporate these units into their practice.

In addition, these portable ultrasound units are highly beneficial in ICU sections of hospitals as they allow rapid diagnosis for critical patients due to their portability aspect. Mobility and convenience are crucial in these situations since it is more complicated to transport critically ill patients to a radiology facility. The physician performing the procedure is often familiar with the patient and well acquainted with their current condition – enhancing diagnosis confidence even further.

National Ultrasound carries many different portable ultrasound devices and can help any practice decide which device is best for them – considering all options from most portable to best value. Contact us today with any questions and check out our website where you can find a large range of point of care ultrasound units listed.