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Anatomical Intelligence Meets Ultrasound

By now everyone knows the value of the ultrasound machine. We realize that it allows us to not just determine the gender of a baby, but also helps in veterinary practices, can be beneficial in helping those with brain injuries and can even be used in treating kidney stones. But like everything in medicine, there is always something more to learn and new ways to use traditional equipment – and the ultrasound is no different!

One of the most recent advancements is the use of anatomical intelligence in ultrasound. Referred to as AIUS, anatomical intelligence in ultrasound looks at a person’s medical data and then uses an adaptive system that includes 3D anatomical models to make it easier to have clearer, more definitive results. When using AIUS on heart patients the ultrasound unit works with tools like the HeartModel to achieve image slicing and cardiac quantification to ascertain the status of a heart related issue. In so doing, this turns the ultrasound machine from playing a passive role in the physical exam to a more active one.

Even better, using anatomical intelligence ultrasound works quickly (depending on the model by as much as 83%), so there is more time to interact with your patient and get to know them beyond just a few questions. Other advantages of the AIUS approach include:

·      The AIUS is perfect for working with younger patients who might lack the ability to explain what is going on, yet who have smaller hearts that can be challenging to image.

·      The system can be used with x-ray information so that all the images of one’s heart can be viewed together.

·      The anatomical intelligence ultrasound provides better flexibility during diagnostic or interventional procedures because they have better insight as to how one’s heart is working.

·      Although there are several makers of AIUS (Phillips, EPIQ, etc.) that make it, each system can be integrated with other equipment to make otherwise complex interventional exams much better.

·      When used in in prenatal exams, the doctors are better able to determine the health of the baby –especially regarding resolution and tissue uniformity – and to identify any potential concerns.

The result of this advancement? Better office visits that help you provide the optimum care and health plan for your patients. With AIUS you can determine the cause of the problem and help your patient on to the road to recovery sooner than ever before.

Ultrasounds are rapidly becoming one of the most versatile items in the medical field. Be sure that you have the system you need to make your office the most efficient one it can be. If you have questions about your current ultrasound set up or would like to upgrade your ultrasound equipment, give the National Ultrasound team a call (888-976-7880) today.