Mindrday M6 Portable Point of Care Ultrasound

Mindray’s Popular M7 has been Discontinued – Check Out the New Mindray M6

The Mindray M7 has been officially discontinued by Mindray. Watch the video below to learn why you should consider purchasing the New Mindray M6 ultrasound machine:

If you are familiar with the popular M7, we recommend looking at the Mindray M6 ultrasound machine. The M6 is the same system as the M7 rev eight. It has the same software, image quality and probes as all the M7s manufactured prior to 2018. However it also includes a Windows ten operating system, which improves security & connectivity. The M6 has a fifteen inch screen, one terabyte hard drive and comes with a travel case. Don’t waste your time trying to find a used or refurbished M7 when you can get a brand new M6 at an affordable price with a five year manufacturer’s warranty. At National Ultrasound we also include two hours of online training with a registered sonographer on the M6 model, which you can upgrade to four hours or onsite training. Contact us today for a free online demo and formal quote!

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