How Does Ultrasound Gel Work?

Every medical facility with an ultrasound machine needs a regular stock of gel for their patients. You may have used them in large amounts on a stomach to check on pregnancy, or as a small dab on the throat to investigate an enlarged thyroid. A few patients find the experience discomforting, as the cold gel can be sticky. They want to know the science of it. Some patients may ask, “How does ultrasound gel work?”

Gel Serves As A Conductive Medium

An ultrasound machine generates waves that hit the human body. After passing through the air and skin tissue, it generates images of specific organs. Air molecules may obscure the waves, occupying the empty space between an ultrasound probe and the skin. Not helping is that skin tissue and muscles also cover places like the stomach, throat, and brain.

The gel is a conductor that reduces the space between the waves and the body. As a result, it allows the sound waves to reach the organs and render an image more accurately. The more gel that you use on a patient, the more rendering that you will receive. Accuracy is extremely important when making a diagnosis.

Owing to its purpose, ultrasound gel has to be sticky. If it slides off the skin too easily, then it will fail to assist with a diagnosis. The formula often has water and propylene glycol, though some gels are oil-based instead. Regardless of the base ingredients, the gel must adhere to the area on which the doctor has ordered an ultrasound.

Finding The Right Option For Patient Comfort

Ideally, ultrasound gel will fit several criteria. One is that its dispenser will implement infection control so that no patient will contract sickness while receiving an ultrasound. The bottles need to comply with industry mandates about distribution. Single-serve packets are one option, and technicians can dispose of them after use.

You want to purchase in bulk, regardless of your patient size. You need the coupling agent to handle all of your ultrasounds, and running out of it will reduce your chances of accuracy. Keep the gel stored in a cool area, and have a warmer on hand if patients complain about its temperature.

At National Ultrasound, we retail Sono Ultrasound Gel. It is designed to reduce any irritation when applied to the patient’s skin and has no fragrance. These particular bottles come in single-serve packets and thus reduce the rate of potential bacterial spread.

SONO ultrasound gel bottles

Find Your Conductive Medium For Ultrasound Technology At National Ultrasound

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To find out more about why you should stock ultrasound gel for your practice, please reach out to us today. National Ultrasound will answer all of your questions about the best way to use ultrasound gel and which brands are best for your patients.