Must-Have Ultrasound Machine Accessories

While ultrasound technology keeps finding innovations, medical accessories can improve the quality of healthcare you provide. We have these accessories on hand, as well as the expertise on how best to use them. Read on about the must-have ultrasound machine accessories you need for regular diagnoses and cleaning.

Necessary Ultrasound Parts And Accessories

What makes an accessory a must-have? They allow you to expand the services that you can provide so that patients receive a higher quality of care. Each one contributes to the workflow or maintains standards within a medical facility.

Ultrasound Sanitizing Medical Wipes And Sprays

One cannot wipe down medical ultrasound machines with standard hand sanitizer. It will damage the delicate equipment, namely the lenses. Hairline cracks can develop from poor cleaning, as can yellowing and discoloration. Yet one must wipe down ultrasound machines and transducers to meet cleanliness standards within medical facilities.

SONO Medical Wipes are specifically designed for cleaning ultrasound machines between examinations. They not only have sanitizer that stops the spread of germs but also for fungi and mold. As a result, the wipes can reduce the risk of patients or medical experts inhaling contaminants before and during exams. We are proud to carry them in various forms.

Transducers And Probes

Transducers and probes are interchangeable phrases for the same tool. These devices allow the machine to send ultrasound waves through the body tissue to generate a stronger image of the examined area.

While many machines come with standard probes if purchased new, having additional ones for multiple applications can expand the services you can offer. For refurbished ultrasound machines, you can get them up-to-date and ensure that you can examine specific patient areas.

Optic FIbers And Needles

Disposable optic fibers allow doctors and medical technicians to connect micro-invasive applicators for treatment. These applicators allow for a stronger bandwidth when examining tissue and expand the power for generating images. Some can even carry light, allowing for greater visibility during an examination. Surgeons also use these optic fibers to pinpoint the areas that require these operations.

The needles allow a doctor to insert the optic fibers into cell tissue. They have high precision, reducing potential pain and discomfort for the patient. When paired with a transducer, they can make life-saving surgeries easier by increasing accuracy during a procedure and minimizing blood loss.

Supplement Your Ultrasound Equipment With National Ultrasound

National Ultrasound knows how clinics need to maintain high standards for ultrasound machines. Our team can make recommendations on which machines, new and refurbished, can fit your budget and patient needs. We also know which brands are optimal for workflow and point-of-care for specific facilities.
To find out more about how you can optimize your ultrasound system, please reach out to us today. National Ultrasound will supply you with necessary equipment and accessories when purchasing upgrades for your patients’ benefit. Let us pair you with sanitizing wipes and transducers that can keep everyone safe.