New Mindray DC-88 X-Insight Ultrasound Product Introduction

The DC-88 X-Insight ultrasound machine is a versatile, cart based system that successfully blends powerful software packages, customization, transducer technology, and ease-of-use. Its user focused design includes a 21.5″ LED monitor and a 13.3″ ultra-slim touchscreen with angle adjustment. The dual-wing floating arm provides a unique design offering flexible monitor positions according to clinical needs. The Mindray DC-88 X-Insight Ultrasound’s X Engine provides image processing speeds three to four times faster with its GPU plus CPU architecture. The cutting edge three T transducer technology with single crystal transducers enables better penetration and resolution.

Watch our product video introduction where our sonographer Kara introduces the Mindray DC-88 X-Insight ultrasound machine:

The DC-88 X-Insight ultrasound machine is a powerful solution for OB/GYN imaging.

Mindray DC-88 X-Insight Software Features:

  • The iLive feature creates realistic 4D view of the fetus. In combination with the Hyaline feature, it dynamically applies transparency Mindray-DC-88-ultrasound-featuresto rendered structures for a more comprehensive view of the anatomy
  • Smart Planes CNS, a fully automatic and accurate detection, acquisition and calculation of fetal CNS study, leading to an intelligent diagnosis, improved throughput, and less user dependency
  • The Smart Face feature allows for fast removal of face occlusions
  • The Smart FLC feature automatically detects the number of follicles and calculates their volumes
  • And the Smart Pelvic feature automatically sets up the baseline with accurate measurement and automatically traces the Levator Hiatus border with more than five measurements

The DC-70 X-insight is also a great solution for point of care, vascular and cardiac imaging.

Full suite of probes and software features including:

  • Echo Boost, a unique echo detection technology for better contrast resolution, including more details of myocardium tissue
  • the Dehaze feature suppresses noise and presents a cleaner image by reducing acoustic artifacts with no loss of diagnostic information
  • the Smart Track feature is a function for vessel tracking. It automatically traces the flow direction and position and optimizes the position and angle of the color ROI box in real time scanning
  • the Ultra-Wideband Non-linear Contrast Imaging feature provides diagnosis and detection of tumors with lower dosage of agents and longer duration of perfusion as well as efficacy evaluation after local treatment and targeted puncture for difficult tumors with superior imaging penetration
  • and the natural touch and Shearwave Elastography features visualize the image with multi-mode for accurate diagnosis with reliability analysis to avoid misdiagnosis and offers quantitative analysis to support standardized lesion staging as well as helps to confirm the extent of the infiltration to guide surgery.

Overall, the Mindray DC-88 X-Insight ultrasound system is the perfect solution for the practice looking to perform consistent OB/GYN, General Imaging, Cardiac, Vascular, Small Parts, Musculoskeletal exams.

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