Point-Of-Care Ultrasound Machines

When point-of-care ultrasound machines (POCUS) can save lives, getting the right one for your medical facility is crucial for regular exams. Whether you are working indoors or outdoors, with a large or small body of patients, you want a machine that can handle your daily demand of emergency patients.












Portability characterizes a point-of-care ultrasound machine, owing to convenience and necessity. In busy medical areas such as emergency rooms, doctors need to have equipment as soon as possible to make diagnoses and treat illness or injuries. They also need to fit into small spaces, especially if paramedics use them for necessary diagnoses.

Ultrasound Systems For Point-Of-Care Medicine

We have multiple options for point-of-care ultrasound systems, both new and discontinued. Multiple ultrasound brands carry portable machines. You want equipment that you can transport anywhere, to assist as many patients as possible. For those working outdoors, you want rugged machines that can handle the elements.

GE is one brand that focuses on handling multiple healthcare needs, including product lines such as VScan. That’s why we recommend viewing them.

Do you need a machine that can travel internationally, with an AC adapter and interchangeable plugs? The GE Vscan with Dual Probe Ultrasound Machine is pocket-sized and designed for use while medical professionals are constantly on the move. It has WiFi controls and intuitive controls for lower learning curves while in use. Power it up in five countries, including the United States and the UK, and store images in the 4 GB Micro-SD memory card. You can use the GE VScan for family medicine, cardiology, gastroenterology, and vascular applications.

Would you rather go bigger, with a cart-based machine? With the Mindray Zonare Z.One PRO Ultrasound Machine, you will not only reach more patients, but also more professionals wishing to create more accessible medical imaging. It is designed to provide high image quality at a lower price.

Due to being lightweight, you can transport the Zonare with ease in smaller offices or clinics. We recommend using it when your patient volume is low.

A medical professional can also find portable ultrasound machines that provide point-of-care to veterinary patients. One can try the Philips Lumify® Veterinary Ultrasound Machine, which comes with a company app for more efficient exams, confidential patient data storage, and analysis. Pair it with Android devices from Google.

The Lumify is compatible with three transducers from the Philips brand. Stream ultrasound images, video and audio with high-quality results and store the necessary data required for diagnoses. Encrypt patient information with ease.

Optimize Your Diagnostic Tools With National Ultrasound

National Ultrasound wants to provide the best possible options for medical professionals. With new or refurbished machines as well as knowledge of the newest models on the market, we can make apt recommendations on which machines are right for your budget, or needs.
To find out more, please reach out to us today to get our recommendations for portable ultrasound selections. We will also educate you on what may be a good fit for your practice, clinic or hospital. Let National Ultrasound improve your patient’s bedside care, with the right equipment.