Ultrasound Machine Cost In 2021

Medical facilities want to assess ultrasound machine costs in 2021, when filing budget requests or requiring an upgrade. They may have changes regarding how many patients schedule appointments or have health emergencies. In some cases, the spaces to conduct exams may require social distancing and more sanitary procedures to stop the spread of airborne viruses.


Costs Of General Ultrasound Systems

At minimum, a basic ultrasound system will cost $4500 in 2021 if you buy a new model. More complicated machines and setups can cost as much as $15,500. With such a wide range, you can find a basic model or a more advanced once that should fit your budget.

Always get a quote from a retailer before making a purchase, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. You may get a good deal on a machine, and fit your price-range for excellent image quality.

Factors That Can Affect Pricing

When making a decision on an ultrasound machine purchase, different aspects can affect the price. These same factors apply to newer models, as well as older ones.

Imaging And Machine Features – Not every machine offers color or 3D rendering, Doppler imaging, or intuitive controls. Some even come with hours of online traning for your technicians and radiologists. You need to determine which features match your diagnostic needs and which will help your patients best.

Size And Portability – More medical facilities and clinics wish to have smaller, compact systems. The first reason is that larger, immobile systems are less convenient when you have a high patient volume and a demand for faster exams and diagnosis.

Brand – Some ultrasound brands are more high-tier than others, especially when you consider certain product lines. You may pay more for the branding awareness or the company’s positive reputation.

Manufacturer’s Warranty— In some cases, a clinic may want a machine that comes with a warranty. This allows you to spend less on repairs and replacements in the long-run, and potentially build a relationship with the brand.

used ge logiq e portable ultrasound

What A Refurbished Machine Offers

Consider if you would prefer to buy an older system. Refurbished machines are second hand ultrasound machines that we have repaired, adding new components that have worn out as well as fresh energy sources like batteries.

When purchasing a refurbished machine, one contingency is that some may require more repairs than others in the long run.

Purchase An Ultrasound Machine That Fits Your Budget At National Ultrasound

National Ultrasound wants to help you prepare for the next necessary ultrasound machine purchase. Medical professionals need the right equipment for regular exams and ongoing patient traffic. They have to factor in portability demands, patient capacity, and the exact imaging required for diagnosis and treatment.
To find out more, please reach out to us today. National Ultrasound will be happy to find a machine that is within your price range, so that you do not break the bank. Focus on caring for your patients, and we will assist with the new or refurbished option that will maintain a standard for healthcare.