Chison SonoTouch 30 Ultrasound Machine

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National Ultrasound features the affordable products of Chison, a company on the leading edge of ultrasound technology. Sonotouch 30 MSK is a special system dedicated for MSK applications. It uses the latest Super Tissue technology to enhance the near field image within 3 cm depth which is the focal region of most MSK applications.The Chison SonoTouch 30 portable ultrasound machine is a popular tablet-style system designed for bedside/point-of-care and other situations that demand excellent mobility, ease of use, and versatility. The amazingly intuitive user interface is designed to help you the way you work, with the performance you need. Compact, lightweight, and extremely durable, this full touchscreen unit provides for user-friendly operation. This unique ultrasound tablet has PW and color Doppler and it can operate completely by touch or by the attached stylus. The SonoTouch 30 comes standard with a portable stand allowing for adjustable viewing angles. It can be used in all specialties, including obstetrics, gynecology, MSK, vascular, general imaging, small parts, emergency medicine, and abdominal.

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Technical Specifications:

GoLED: 10” high contrast LED Panel with brightness for out-door Full Touch screen Module, Main unit with1 built-in probe connector, Input & Output ports: USB(3), VGA(1), Video(1), DC IN(1), Ethernet port(1), Input Pen (plastic), GoApp: intuitive Human application presets; GoTune: intuitive image turning and adjustment interface; GoClip: instant image storage & recall in clips; GoMeasure: easy measurement with finger; GoHub: image & file management system; Mode: B/M/B&M/CFM/PW, PW auto trace measurement, icon-based presets for major MSK, Built-in 16G memory, GoPower: Built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery, Power Adaptor, GoFlex: Rotatable multipurpose Handle (sit, carry, mount, angle adjustment), 3M Microfiber High Performance Cleaning Cloth.

  • Not available
  • DICOM 3.0
  • Super Needle (Needle Enhancement Technology)
  • Chison>C3 Convex Array (center frequency: 3.5 MHz)
  • Chison>L7M Linear Array (center frequency: 7.5 MHz)
  • Chison>L7S Linear Array (center frequency: 9MHz)
  • Chison>MC3 Micro-convex Array (center frequency: 3 MHz)
  • Chison>MC5V Micro-convex Array (center frequency: 5 MHz)
  • Chison>MC6 Micro-convex Array (center frequency: 6 MHz)
  • Chison>P3 Phased Array (3 MHz)
  • Chison>R7 Rectal (center frequency: 7.5 MHz)
  • Chison>V6 Micro-convex Array (center frequency: 6 MHz)
  • 3 Probe Connector Module
  • Battery Pack
  • Carrying case
  • Mobile Cart
  • Power Adapter
  • Printer