Medison SonoAce X6 Ultrasound Machine

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This model is no longer manufactured by Medison. Contact us today for a comparable or refurbished machine.


National Ultrasound is a leading online retailer for ultrasound machines, parts, and probes. We carry ultrasound equipment for top quality medical manufacturing brands with reputations for value, such as Medison. Medison ultrasound is a line of diagnostic ultrasound machines and tools that is known for quality and lasting value. The Medison SonoAce X6 is a console ultrasound system designed for Cardiology, Internal Medicine, MSK, OB/Gyn, Urology, and Vascular applications. This machine comes fitted with a 15” monitor with non-interlaced display, and has a variety of different imaging modes. It is compatible with multiple Medison transducers, specified below, to maximize application use. National Ultrasound carries new and refurbished ultrasounds for sale, so click “Get a Quote” for pricing information on an ultrasound machine that fits your budget. Or contact us today to speak to a specialist about your diagnostic imaging needs, and let us help you find an ultrasound system that is right for your practice or clinic.

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Technical Specifications:

15” monitor with non-interlaced display, 1152 Channel Digital Beamforming with : Dynamic Focus, Dynamic Aperture, Dynamic Apodization, The shape of the acoustic spectrum. Synthetic Aperture Control, Full Spectrum Imaging, Motion mode (M-mode), Color motion mode (Color M-mode), Pulsed wave (PW), spectral Doppler, Color Doppler (C-mode), Power Doppler (PD-mode), Continuous Doppler (CW-mode), Tissue Harmonic Imaging, Extreme High Dynamic Range, Trapezoidal Imaging, Combined modes: 2D/M, 2D/PWD, 2D/Color Doppler, 2D/PD, 2D/CW, Cine for 511 frames, Integrated 3D Imaging Package, Freehand 3D, 3D Multi Planar Imaging, 3 Active Probe Ports (Optional), 2D QuickScanTM, DICOM 3.0 compatible Image filing: SonoView pro, SonoView Image management, Integrated DVD drive, Various Measurement Packages.

Dimensions: 54″ (H) x 27″ (W) x 19″ (D) Weight: 139 lbs
  • Family Practice
  • OB-GYN
  • Cardiac Pack CW BD
  • Cardiac s/w and External ECG Module
  • ECG Module
  • Steered CW
  • Medison>C3-7EP-N 3-7 MHz / 50 R / 70 D / Convex
  • Medison>C4-9/10ED-N 4-9 MHz / 10 R / 150 D / Micro Convex
  • Medison>HL5-12ED-N 5-12 MHz / 40 mm / Linear
  • Medison>L5-12/50EP-N 5-12 MHz / 50 mm / Linear
  • Medison>NER4-9ES-N 4-9 MHz / 10 R / 150 D / Endocavity
  • Medison>NEV4-9ES-N 4-9 MHz / 10 R / 150 D / Endocavity
  • Medison>P2-4AH-N 2-4 MHz / 19 mm / Phased Array
  • Medison>PCW-20-FGG/3B 2.0 MHz Pencil Type CW
  • Medison>PCW-40-FGG/3B 4.0 MHz Pencil Type CW
  • Black and white printer