Sonosite iVIZ Ultrasound Machine

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FujiFilm’s Sonosite brand of ultrasound machines are a part of our lineup here at National Ultrasound partly because of their speed and because of their ability to go anywhere they are needed. The SonoSite iVIZ Ultrasound Machine demonstrates this perfectly. A powerful diagnostic tool all within the palm of your hand, the SonoSite iVIZ was designed to go with you, where you need it. This is no off-the-shelf tablet, but instead was built from the ground up. Its ergonomic, one-hand operation allows for easy manipulation of image settings, especially useful in crowded environments or inside vehicles when space is at a premium. But small in size does not mean compromise on image. The iVIZ combines DirectClear Technology, advanced image processing, and a high-resolution display to provide the image quality you expect. And it’s durable enough to withstand rough treatment: the unit and its transducers have been drop-tested up to three feet, and the transducers can be fully submerged in water. Connectivity is enhanced with TricefyTM, making it fully encrypted and HIPAA-compliant. Share and archive images anywhere, at anytime.

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  • Swappable batteries
  • Export studies via Micro USB or DICOM
  • Connect to wireless printers
  • Display images through the HDMI port
  • Family Practice
  • Internal Medicine
  • Vascular
  • Not available
  • Sonosite> L38v 10-5 MHz Linear Array
  • Sonosite> P21v 5-1 MHz Phased Array
  • Not available