The New Mindray MX7 Ultrasound Carried by National Ultrasound

Mindray MX7

The new Mindray MX7 is an upgraded version of the Mindray M7. This outstanding compact point of care ultrasound system offers the perfect combination of ground-breaking imaging technologies, a host of ergonomic features, and one of the lightest, thinnest, laptop designs on the market.

What new features does the Mindray MX7 offer?

The Mindray MX7 is the first portable ultrasound system to include Mindray’s pioneering ZONE Sonography® Technology (ZST+). This state-of-the-art virtual beamforming platform gives clinicians what they have been asking for; immensely powerful image acquisition and processing capabilities, resulting in high contrast resolution, excellent uniformity and reduced motion artefacts.

There’s a comprehensive range of transducers for all general imaging applications, as well as a number of advanced features for key specialties, such as cardiology, vascular and obstetrics, and, of course, the high level of seamless data connectivity and data security that you would expect from Mindray. This unit includes a 5 year warranty for stress-free ownership

Some of the Mindray MX7 highlights are:

  • Mindray’s pioneering virtual beamforming technology ZST+ packs a number of impressive imaging capabilities into a small package
  • Greater image clarity with its large 15.6″ high-resolution screen
  • Easy-to-use with it’s intuitive 12.3″ touchscreen and configurable presets
  • Small footprint and portability that’s perfect for moving around in tight clinical spaces
  • Lightweight and slim design, weighing as little as 3kg and as thin as 44mm
  • Convenient probe extender allowing users to connect up to two transducers
  • HD Scope that improves detail and contrast, sharpening the images of small lesions and organs, and giving better definition of the boundaries between different tissue
  • Advanced tools to support with cardiovascular evaluation, needle guidance and obstetric examinations
  • Ergonomic cart with a 320mm lifting range and retractable power cable
  • Seamlessly transmits images, reports and demographics to Electronic Patient Records with Mindray’s eGateway
  • 5 year warranty for stress-free ownership

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Mindray MX7 Review:

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