NASOIE first webinar

Webinar: Launch of the North American Society of Interventional Endocrinologists

NASOIE (North American Society of Interventional Endocrinologists), was founded in November 2020 by Dr. Augustin Andrade and his colleagues to promote and share their experience in the thermal ablation treatments on thyroid.

The very first webinar of the association is on Wednesday, May 26th, during which Dr. Andrade will discuss the indications for thyroid ablation treatment with laser and RF. The webinar is open with free registration through this link:

National Ultrasound is the exclusive distributor of the Elesta EchoLaser for thermal ablation. Dr. Augustin Andrade, Chief of Endocrinology Department at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami, FL, was the first U.S. user of the EchoLaser on thyroid nodules.

NASOIE first webinar