Comparing the New Mindray DP-50 Expert to the Mindray DP-50

Mindray DP-50 Expert. The DP-50 Expert is the new upgraded model of the Mindray DP-50. The DP-50 Expert ultrasound system is the perfect solution for the practice looking to perform consistent ob/gyn, vascular, musculoskeletal, small parts and general imaging exams.

Key Differences Between the Mindray DP-50 and Mindray DP-50 Expert Mindray-DP-50-Expert-ultrasound-machineModels

Besides improved image quality, there are key design differences between the original Mindray DP-50 and the new Mindray DP-50 Expert models. The new DP-50 Expert is still designed with a fifteen inch LCD monitor and two transducer connections but has upgraded the three hundred and twenty gigabyte hard drive to include a one terabyte hard drive. Another mentionable upgrade is the internally integrated AC power adapter, making the machine much more portable with less pieces to worry about.

New Software Options in the Mindray DP-50 Expert

New software options, that were previously only available in higher-range Mindray models, are real-time panoramic imaging, color mode, pulsed wave mode with auto trace and automatic measurement for intima-media thickness. Other new optional software features include Smart OB, enabling automatic measurements for BPD, FL, HC, AC, OFD and HUM and the Smart Bladder feature enabling automatic calculation of bladder volume. Medsight and iWorks are now available as standard features on the DP-50 Expert ultrasound machine. Medsight allows you to transfer ultrasound images and cine loops from the machine to a smart phone via WiFi. iWorks is a feature that offers standardized workflow protocols, showing each step that should be included in a standard scan. iWorks saves scanning time up to 40% by reducing key strokes. The DP-50 Expert includes all the original features and transducers from the popular DP-50 machine as well. Check out our other video review on the DP-50 Expert to find out more.

Side by side comparisons of the Mindray DP-50 to the Mindray DP-50 Expert transducers and functions.

Mindray DP-50 Expert Software Features comparison

Watch our video where our sonographer Kara compares the Mindray DP-50 Expert to the Mindray DP-50. Learn even more about the Mindray DP-50 Expert here.

The DP-50 Expert includes all the original features and transducers from the popular DP-50 machine as well. Check out our other video review on the DP-50 Expert to find out more.

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