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When it comes to vascular health, diagnostic imaging is paramount to treatment, and that means choosing an ultrasound machine that’s right for your practice or clinic. National Ultrasound carries a line of ultrasound machines specialized for vascular disease diagnostics. Real time imaging allows physicians to see blood flow and internal anatomy movement. We offer ultrasound machines with vascular diagnostic imaging applications from a variety of reputable brands, including GE, Mindray, Philips, Chison, Siemens, and more! We offer console systems and portable ultrasound machines, and we carry new and refurbished systems. Using ultrasound imaging is non-invasive and the safest way to get real time imaging diagnostics. Our expert sales staff will help you find the right ultrasound machine to meet your diagnostic needs. Ultrasound’s low cost allows us to stay within almost any budget while innovations in ultrasound technologies keeps imaging quality high. At National Ultrasound, we carry a large variety of new and used ultrasound machines for sale, so contact us today to get a quote!