Best Medical Wipes For Ultrasound Machines

Ultrasound machines require constant disinfection between uses. With flu season in session and people concerned about preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria, patients want to feel safer during routine checkups or specialist examinations. Doctors, nurses, and medical professionals also make it a high priority to ensure that an examination area remains clean. We have the best wipes for ultrasound machines that reduce any potential damage to the delicate parts and components.

Ultrasound Machine Medical Wipes

We recommend using SONO Ultrasound Wipes for your machine. They have been tested as one of the few wipes that will not damage the transducer during the cleaning process. The brand is very reputable and has received EPA approval for its various products for cleaning ultrasound equipment.

Take care that you choose the right kind of wipe for a specific application. Transducer lenses and wires are very fragile when exposed to liquids, so do not immerse them. Immersion can lead to electrical shocks and shorting out the devices. Read warning labels because transducers are not waterproof. The wrong application could lead to them receiving hairline cracks or yellowing. They can also suffer delamination, which is losing their protected service.

At National Ultrasound, we carry two types of SONO Medical Wipes. SONO has a soft formula for the wipes so that they will not cause any damage to an ultrasound machine or its transducers. You can either get the canisters or the bundle. The canisters are great for either patient waiting rooms or examination areas; they are designed for single-serve dispensation.

disinfecting wipes

With the Ultrasound Disinfectant Kit, you get more than the wipes. We also toss in four bottles of ultrasound gel for your practice, hydrogen peroxide spray bottles to allow for rapid cleaning and disinfection, and the standard SONO canisters for easy dispensation of wipes. This bundle can assist in your cleaning by adding supplies for different procedures.

SONO Wipes – Ultrasound Disinfecting Kit

Wear gloves before wiping down any surfaces. If applying water to clean the transducer, use only purified water. Make sure to engage in sterilization between procedures and biopsies. This will reduce the rate of spread and increase safety in a clinic.

You have to remove any ultrasound gel first from the machine’s transducer or probes. The gel is sticky, and it may carry possible contaminants after use. Use as many wipes as you need for a high level of disinfecting.

Harness Your Infection Control With National Ultrasound

At National Ultrasound, we are proud to provide medical equipment and the supplies that you need to handle any cleaning, disinfecting, and scouring. We sell new and refurbished machines so that you can find a price to match your budget. In addition, our experts know the best methods of sanitation between uses so that you can save time without sacrificing quality.

To find out more, please reach out to us today. National Ultrasound has the EPA-approved solutions that you need to reduce any viral, bacterial, or fungal spreads. Trust us to have your patients’ health as a priority, and to keep your facilities clean.